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I love that it has cooled off and we can bring out our sweaters. I am down in the South and it felt like it took forever for us to reach this point but its here so let's make the most of it! 

I love the look of this stone jeweled necklace paired with my new navy sweater from The Loft. The stones really bounce off of the blue background. Its one of those pieces I received as a gift years ago and I just love it. A piece like this works great for a special occasion when you pair it with a beautiful dress or wear it as I am here to the office. 

The sweater is one of those items you see on the clearance rack and you just hope it will be your size. You rush over to it and then to your surprise you find out that it was made for you! 

This is my Barefoot Dreams Cardigan that I order from QVC. You can find it HERE. This sweater is amazing and is so cozy. I love how you can dress it up with black pants for the office and dress it down for the weekend to go holiday shopping! 

I can already tell you that this will be my go-to outfit this winter. I am excited to bring it with me on my upcoming trip to Atlanta when I go to visit Dallas. 

Let's also talk about the shoes! They are so comfortable and I ordered them from Target. I actually put the blue and pink pair on my Christmas list because I love them so much. You can find them HERE

I have also been able to wear these to work and then for a weekend style. I really can not believe how comfy they are and hope that Santa brings them to me in every color! 

Its time for Vlogmas and I hope you are Subscribed to my Youtube channel so you can come along for all the phone this year! Be sure to click below for a look at Day One and then be sure to follow along for more fun! 

See you in my next post friends! 

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