Great Christmas Holiday Blankets and Throws

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Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner? I know we always hear people say that time is gone in a blink of an eye but WOW! 

I have been looking for the perfect beautiful Christmas throw to add to my guest bedroom. Here are a few that I am looking at. I am sharing each one that I considered and let me show you my final choice. 

This is such a pretty blanket from Walmart and I must say I am impressed with how pretty the plaid pattern is along with the long tassels.  My goal is to have a blanket in place that can be used on cool nights as my guest curl up in bed and watch Christmas Hallmark movies. Sounds good right?

This is another beautiful festive blanket from Walmart and again I love the pattern with the red and green along with long tassels. I must say that I am very pleased with the selection Walmart provided this year. 

Fennco Styles Classic Red Plaid Design Throw Blanket - 50"x60"

Amazon did a great job with this print also. This is another one of my favorite patterns for Christmas and to carry over in January. I might still pick this one up as a second blanket for the basket that I keep in the corner of the room for the extra decorative bed pillows to go in when guest are sleeping in the bed. 

Battilo Soft Knitted Dual Cable Throw Blanket, 50" W x 60" L, Red

This is another great blanket that would be perfect for any time of the year and you can mix with holiday plaid pillows to accomplish your look. I think this would also be a beautiful holiday gift for anyone in your family. 

Here is my pick for this year. I love the price point and this weekend Target has 25% off some of their home decor items which made this one the perfect price and I could not pass it up. I will have a future blog post coming up very soon to show you how I used my new throw for the Holidays. 

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See you in my next post friends! 

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