Topic Tuesday - Do You Know Who You Are?

Hello friends and welcome to my Blog! 

I recently shared that I launched Topic Tuesday on my Facebook and Instagram and I am ready to share my first topic with you! First, let me catch everyone up just in case you are not sure how this works. 

On the first Tuesday each month I am sharing a post that lets you know its time for Topic Tuesday and I am ready for you to share topics that I can bring up in my YouTube weekly video so we can all give our thoughts and advice on to help each other.  This can range from every topic possible! 

I am so excited about all of the topics that so many of you shared and you will see them in upcoming videos. 

The first step is to watch this week's Vlog and listen to the discussion. 

After watching the video I would love for you to leave a comment and share your thoughts. 

The third step is to print out the document below and complete. This is only for you to see but really take time to sit quietly and think about the answer. See what it would take for you to grow and discover more about what you love and go back to doing it. 

You can print your copy HERE

Did you enjoy the first Topic Tuesday? I can't wait to hear back from you! 

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