Work Day Fashion Ideas for Women Over 40

I am so excited about the new additions I have on my Blog! If you take a look at the right-hand side of the page you will see a title category that says, "Shop My Favorite Store." This will take you to my two favorite places I love to shop. It should come as no secret that you will find Ann Taylor and The Loft. I just love these two stores! 

The second item that I am excited to bring you is the widget you will find under my outfit picture which will share the exact item or something very close to it which will help you accomplish the look.  I am having so much fun finding new ideas for you! So let's get started. 

Monday Workday Style

I love pairing black and gray together because it gives such a slimming look. When you add a small black tote or purse it really completes the look. 

Tuesday Workday Style 

Summer is the perfect time for a pop of yellow and these tops are great. You can pair them with light or dark pants and achieve different looks. Add a fun tote and you are set for the day. 

I hope you had fun taking a look at these two Workday Outfits and found some inspiration. Now is the perfect time to shop because Ann Taylor has a 60% off sale going on. You can find them here- Ann Taylor. 

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See you in the next post friends! 

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