Weekly Outfit Ideas for Women Over 40

Welcome to my Blog friends! 
It's time for another week of ideas for outfits. I am having so much fun with this series and it's making me get back in my closet and get creative! 

Friday Business Outfit

I tried to find a link to these pants or something like them and there are not many stores that seem to have Kelly Green pants right now or they are priced way to high. I purchased mine at Target back in the Spring and I am sure The Loft will bring them back around at some point so keep an eye out. You have seen me pair this top with dark blue pants and cream pants so it was fun to add a pop of color. The idea here is to pair the kelly green pants with dark navy and it's just stunning. 

Monday Business Outfit

You can see that I have a theme going on this week with the green and dark navy but on this day I flipped it around and wore the green on top. This is the perfect outfit for a hot Summer day when temperatures heat up. I was not able to find the exact blouse that I am wearing but below you can see a few that would give you the same look. I have also put a few necklaces that would be perfect for the blue look. 

Tuesday Business Outfit

I love the idea of pairing dark navy and white together and its perfect for any time of the year. I have found similar items to what I am wearing below to help you come up with an outfit like this one. Its great for the office or a weekend look. It's also very comfortable in the extream heat we are having this Summer. 

I hope you found these outfit ideas inspiring. Again I must admit I am having so much fun adding this to my blog as an addition to my normal weekly sharing that I have on my Youtube channel. Speaking of that have you seen a recent video that I shared? I will link it below but be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out! 

See you in the next post friends!

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