Simple White Basket Cabinet Organization Ideas

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Let's get busy and do some organizing in my storage cabinet. 

One of my favorites purchases I made were these end tables for our family room. They are actually desk stations from World Market but I am using them for the additional storage they offer for my love of dishes. 

I purchased these baskets at Target and you can find them HERE. I love how deep and sturdy these baskets are and they are available in two sizes which worked out perfect for my cabinet. I turned this into my white dish and accessory cabinet to hold all of those little items that you don't want moving around and have the fear of them breaking. The baskets do a wonderful job of protecting them. 

I love when I have a basket that still allows me room to comfortable grow but still see everything I have so I can use it on a regular base. Also, the white baskets fit perfectly with my white dish theme. 

This project was so much fun to put together because it allowed me to not only organize the items I have but also declutter what I have not used in some time. I was able to pass them along to friends and family so they can enjoy them. After that process, I was able to see what I have and start enjoying it.

The baskets were the perfect fit and actually felt like they were made for the cabinet. I was able to go with three across and my items fit perfectly without falling over each other. I was inspired to take this on when we recently had our carpet updated in our home. I thought this cabinet was completely clean until the guys went to move it and there was so much movement I knew it was time for a second updated clean out. I am very happy with the results. 

It was important to me to dedicate the bottom shelf for my cake platters. I wanted all of them in one place and not scattered around my home. This worked out great and now I have my one go-to place. 

I really do love how everything turned out. It's nice and clean but most importantly organized and ready for lots of entertaining and baking ideas that I want to share with each of you. 

Here is a look and link to the baskets. HERE

Want a complete walkthrough of the project then take a look at my YouTube video that I put together as we clean out the cabinet together. I hope you are able to walk away with lots of ideas to put in place in your home. Also be sure to subscribe so you never miss out on any of the great videos!

See you in the next post friends! 


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