My Patio Has Been Given A Makeover Plus Video

Welcome to my Blog! I am really excited that this project is complete and now we can sit back and enjoy it over the Summer. Let me walk you through the process of our hard work. 

Let's start with the before which you can see below. It was a sad little area that I knew I had a vision for because I spent a lot of time on Pinterest. Let me just say that Pinterest can give you the feeling that you can put the project in place in one day. That was not the case here and this project took us 5 weekends to complete. It's important to know that 4 of the weekends we only had one day to work because of the weather but this was a tough project! 

We had to spend our first day picking up every single one of the stone and there were almost 80 of them. My back was killing me the next day and I almost called a handyman to come and complete the job but we stuck it out! 

I just love the little area around the firepit. It's really comfy with the pillows and the deep chairs. It's going to be perfect for a night of Smores! 

I also purchased some new plants to brighten up the area and I am still in the process of picking up a few more. 

I also gave the inside of the patio a little makeover with a new four top table so we can enjoy coffee in the mornings or dinner. 

One of my favorite features is this garden station that I am using as a buffettt station. You can find these in the gardening section of different stores. Its perfect to sit out everything you need when guest or over. 

I love this little sitting area I created where I can enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning or destress after a day at work. 

Binx even has a spot so he can enjoy the night with us! 

Now its time to feel like you are right there for a live tour with the video I put together for my YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss out on fun videos! 

See you in the next post friends! 

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