Welcome to Miami for My First Visit

Welcome to Miami! I was so excited about our trip to Miami and I am even more excited to share the pictures from our recent trip. We stayed in Miami for an extra day after our recent cruise so we could do a little sight seeing and take in some good food and fun times. 

Above is our view before we made it off the ship. I wanted to take in one last view from my amazing balcony while on board the Empress of the Seas. This was our first time staying in a city after getting off the ship and it just made sense to use this time before heading back from Spring Break. 

Above fits my idea of what I thought Miami was going to look like. The streets were filled with amazing palm trees not only on the right and the left but straight down the middle of the street. It was such a beautiful day and the temperature was in the high 80s which made it pleasant. 

I am not a huge Kardashion fan but I felt like I should take a look at the DASH store. I was not impressed but happy that I at lesast took a look. The pineapple t-shirt above with no sleeves was $68. 
I don't know why I am surprised by that but I must admit that I am. 

We had lunch at Joe's Stone Crab which is a place that so many people told us we had to visit. I am happy we did but again I must admit it was over priced. The experience was nice and fun but its one of the items we have checked off our list. 

Eddie looks like he is having so much fun wearing his bib doesn't he! Oh the fun times I create for us as a couple. He does such a great job playing along and I love him so much for that! 

Below is a picture of two orders of crab claws and I do not even want to mention the price of them. It might make me cry so lets just focus on how much fun we had together instead of how much each one of those little guys cost! 

Trey had the Caesar Salad but it was not his favorite so they were happy to take it away. I do like when a restaurant takes that step and removes an item off of your bill when you just do not enjoy it. Poor guy took one bite and knew it was not for him. He loves Caesar Salads but this was not one that he enjoyed because of the dressing. 

Eddie and I had the Lobster Bisque and we enjoyed it. I am a big fan of Gumbo and Crab style soups.

Here is a look from our hotel room with the beautiful palm trees. Our hotel had a very Miami feel and over all I was very pleased. 

The pictures on the wall were different and if you can't tell they were ladies laying down with their legs crossed. Very interesting but I might have liked a pretty flower portrait instead. :)

The room had a built in mini kitchen which would have been perfect for anyone staying for a longer visit. The beach was just down the road within walking distance so it would be perfect for that style of vacation. 

Of course I just loved this mirror and I am keeping my eye out for one just like it that I could add to my guest bedroom. I love the complete look of mirror even along the trim. I feel like it gives it a very feminine look and would be perfect in my white guest room. 

We went out for dinner and had pizza in a great outdoor shopping mall. I really enjoyed sitting outside and having dinner under all of the palm trees and doing a little people watching. The people watching was amazing because there were so many people with so many different styles. 

The highlight of the day was when I had the chance to meet two of my subscribers. Donya and Danny have followed my channel for sometime and are just the sweetest people. I am so glad I have the chance to call them friends now! 

Look how adorable these two guys are! Trey was also very excited to meet Danny and his mom. 

Now its time for you to feel like you are on the trip with us. I put together a fun video of our trip and I know you will just have an amazing time. I tried to capture a piece of our entire day because we had such a great time. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss out on the fun. 

See you in the next post friends! 


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