Day Five Belize On Our Carnival Dream Cruise

Welcome to Day Five of our cruise on the Carnival Dream. This is our second year to travel on this ship and I want to continue to share some fun details with you. 

One of my favorite spots on the ship to visit often is Guy's Burgers as they make them fresh on the grill right in front of you. They are amazing and we seem to always go straight there the minute we get on the ship. 

While I went to Guys Burger Eddie went to the Pasta Bar and picked up a lasagna. Then we met back up at the Pasta Bar and enjoyed a quiet table there. You can see his plate above which looks more like a dinner and of course my wonderful burger is below. 

For dinner this night I wore one of my new favorite tops. Its this cold shoulder coral floral top that I picked up at JC Penny's on a recent visit to the store. I absolutely love this top. The color just pops and its very comfortable. 

Would you look at how beautiful the water is behind me. It really is that blue and amazing in person just like it is in the photo. 

For dinner we had delicious crab cakes with an avocado sauce. This is one of my favorite appetizers. Trey also orders two of these because he enjoys them so much. It is full of lump crab meat and has such a fresh taste. 

For my main entree I had the short ribs with mash potatoes and green beans. It was fork tender and just amazing. So far we have loved every single dinner we have been served. 

Dessert was a key lime parfait and I hate to say but this was the only dessert I did not care for. I can't explain why but its not one that I would recommend nor would I order again in the future. 

The after dinner show was amazing and I was so excited to meet a few of the cast members. They always do an amazing job with their entertainment and they never let us down. 

I love the animals that are waiting for us in our room each night and this one is our friendly dinosaur. How cute is he with his little eyes looking back at me! I never want to take them apart because they are just so cute. 

Want to really experience the fun? Come along now and see the video below. You will feel like you are right there with us during the cruise. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you never miss out on the fun! 

See you in the next post friends! 

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