A Fun Night At Mardi Gras

Welcome Friends! 

I am excited to bring a fun Mardi Gras post and video to you and share the fun we had for this year's event. This is a parade we go to each year and I have shared for the last three years. I know many of you will remember this if you have followed me for sometime. 

The one reason I enjoy this parade is because my mom and dad get a hotel which you can see above and we have the chance to stand on the 2nd floor balcony and watch as everyone loads up on the float and as they start. We end up catching a lot of goodies! 

Above is a Tiffany theme float which was one of my favorites. I know we all love that pretty blue box!

Roll Tide vs War Eagle themed float. 

One of my favorites was also my mom's ship which a cruise ship and fits us perfectly! 

As you go down you can see a look at several other floats which were just as fun. 

Come along here for the fun as I bring you along on the balcony with us. You will feel like you are catching items right along with us. 

Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you never miss out on the fun! This year I have so many fun things I can't wait to share with you. 

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