Black & White Buffalo Dining Room Christmas Table Tour

I am so excited to share this year's Christmas Table with you! This is the first time I have not used red and green as a color theme and I must admit I am excited about how it turned out! 

I am sure you remember that my Fall Tablesetting was all around this black and white buffalo print. I wanted to carry as many of the pieces over to Christmas as possible. I will share a link to every item that I am able to find. Here is a table runner like mine- HERE

You will see in the video at the end of this post that I share a tutorial on how to make these napkin rings. I love that I was able to use my Sugar Paper ornaments from the Target collection that I picked up last year. This was a set of four and I added two of the stockings so I could complete my eight place setting. 

Two years ago I found these nutcrackers at HomeGoods and they just made the table. They are standing guard with the black and white outfit. 

My new addition to the table this year are these two metal silver Christmas trees that I placed on both ends of the table and they go great with the tall centerpiece. Both of these came from Hobby Lobby and have a nice heavy weight to them. 

I normally do not pick up Christmas decorations before Christmas because I like to catch the sales but HomeGoods had such amazing prices. When I saw this large tree I had to pick it up and it was only $14.99. I love the look and style and it looks great with the two small trees on the end. 

I also dressed the table up by adding the white placemats except they are linen napkins. I found that the placemats were too large and the linen napkins were a perfect size and helped me accomplish the look I wanted. Again HomeGoods is the best place for linens. 

I plan to share all during the Holidays season so be sure to also follow me on Instagram so you never miss out on the fun and great ideas. Follow HERE

You can see a more detailed look at the table theme below in the video I put together for my Youtube channel. Hope you enjoy!

Check back for the next post as I share how to Christmas tree comes together using this theme! See you tomorrow for Day Two of Vlogmas !

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