Tips for Preparing Your Home on Grocery Day With Free Printout

Hello Friends! 

I am excited to share with you a handful of tips that have been working for my home when it comes to grocery day. I know if you put these tips in place you will be very pleased with how smoothly your kitchen will run. 

The idea is to have a mental checklist or one that is printed out to make sure each item is ready to go. You can see I have placed everything on the checklist below and I will be sharing my thoughts behind each one. 

Print your free copy here- COPY

Tip #1
Organize Pantry 

Take time to organize your pantry and have a system in place that works for you. Before the start of summer, I did a complete pantry makeover which you can see HERE. My thought process was, "Everything has a place and in its place it should be!"

This also helps me take inventory of what we need which helps me stay in line with my budget because I am not purchasing duplicate items. 

Tip #2
Clean out Refrigerator

Take time to clean out your refrigerator before each shopping trip so you can fill it up with new supplies. There is nothing harder than trying to make new grocery items fit in a refrigerator that is trying to hold items that you will not be using. 

Tip #3
Clean Kitchen

Before I leave for my shopping trip I make sure my kitchen is clean. I never want to come home to a dirty kitchen when I have a week's worth of grocery items to put up. I grab my husband and son and we all jump in to give it a deep cleaning before I head out. 

Tip #4
Know Your Budget

Have a budget in place or work towards putting one in place. You might be at the starting point and not sure what you are spending so start tracking at the start of the new month. I know that we spend just under $200 a week at the grocery store and then we visit Costco twice a month which is $100 a visit so I average $1,000 a month. Now that I know the total my goal is to come under more and more each month. 

TIP #5
Know Your Stores

I try to shop at the same stores for several reasons and here are a few. I shop at Walmart for most of my groceries because I find they have the best prices and if not my receipt app will refund me the difference. 

I shop at Publix for fresh fruit and salad. Then Costco is my go to place for large bundled items like detergent, Cascade, and a few other items. 

Tip #6
Know What You Count In Your Budget

It's very important that you know what you count in your monthly grocery budget to help you keep it in line each month. I personally include food, household items, cleaners, dog food, personal bath products, and items that fit in this range. 

I do not count when we go out to dinner or stop for treats like ice cream or entertainment.  

Tip #7
Work off of a meal plan 

One of the best tips that work for us is working off of a meal plan. This helps us to only purchase the items we need to make the listed meals and not make multiple visits to the grocery store. That's when our budget gets out of line. 

Here is a look at this week's Costco visit. 

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