Fun Candles On My Wish List

Hello Friends! 

I thought it would be a lot of fun to share a look at my wish list for candles. These are probably candles that I will not purchase for myself because I just cant get over the price. I would love if you left me a message and let me know if you have ever tried them and if they were worth it. You can click on any of the photo's below to get more details. 

This first set is the Diptyque Candles. From their website, the 2.4 oz is $34.00 and the 6.5 oz is $64.00. I can't say that I have ever smelt one of these in person but it's going to be a must that I do because I have seen so many bloggers and people on YouTube picking these up. Have you smelt one of these or do you own one and if so which scent? 

I must say I love everything about the look of the black one but the white label with black print seemed to be the most popular. 

I love everything about the Nest Candle line and have had the chance to smell several different scents from this line. They smell amazing and they are priced at $40.00 for 8.1 oz which again is more than I could ever bring myself to pay. I must say I love everything else about them all the way to the packaging.  What do you think about this line? What is your favorite scent if so?

The first time I had the chance to smell this line the store had them lined up with little glass domes over them which allowed you to smell them without the candle burning. They smell so clean and amazing. 

The Jo Malone is another line that I have not had the chance to smell in person but I love the look of all four that I placed above. The look is clean and rich. I love each one of these for different reasons from the design to the little black bow. It reminds me of the perfect black dress. 

Ok now lets talk about this candle! The one with the wax dripping from the side has the following write up from the website:

Neom Organics' 'Real Luxury' candle is fragranced with Jasmine, French Lavender and Brazilian Rosewood that evoke "cashmere blankets and the flutter of the fireside warmth." After 30 minutes of burn time, this therapeutic treatment forms a deeply nourishing oil that can be smoothed over any part your body - the 100% natural blend of Cocoa Butter, Soybean and vitamin-rich Almond Oil help to soften dry, stressed skin.
  • Instructions for use:
  • - Light the candle for 30 minutes to form a pool of oil
  • - Blow out and allow to cool for 2 minutes, the wax will warm to the perfect temperature for application to the skin
  • - Drizzle the warm oil over any part of the body in need of a deeply nourishing treatment, including legs, hands, dry elbows or heels
  • - Made in the UK
That just blows my mind that you can actually use the wax from the candle to soften dry skin. This is one that you have to let me know if you have tried out! 

Well, that was fun sharing a look at my Candle Wish List. I would love to hear if there is a candle that you would love to try. 

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