Its A Huge Triathlon Day

Hello Friends! 

As parents, we have the responsibility to set examples for our kids to follow and help them be the best they can be but my son has been a wonderful example to us. He set a goal of completing a triathlon and he did it. Let me tell you about this amazing day that I feel so blessed to have been part of. 

We woke up at 3:00am so we could get ready and make it to the Gulf by 5:45 because we had a good hour and 1/2 drive ahead of us. Here we are as I was shining a light on Trey so I could capture a picture before we left for the trip. The sun was nowhere near coming up yet! 

We arrived and I was so excited for him as he started down the path to register. It was game time! 

Above is a picture of Trey walking to the registration line to check in. The sun was just barely coming up and once I saw everyone pulling up with bike racks it set in how real this was. 

I just can't imagine what was going through his mind right now but the awesome part was even if it was fear or worry he didn't let it hold him back. He took this challenge on like a champ! Number 351 about to take on the race. 

His ankle time chip was on, all numbers were on, and we were set to walk to the beach for the swim. 

Above you can see everyone getting ready to line up for the first part of the race which was the swim.

How amazing are the two photos above with the sun coming up as we prayed over everyone taking part in the day. 

Trey is in line and ready to take off. As you approach you must have your goggles on and ready. 

You can see the real focus and drive on his face. He was ready to take this one!

This is my favorite picture of the day. He didn't let anything hold him back and just ran straight into the unknown of the big SEA! I love how brave he is. 

Once he finished the swim he came to the transition location and picked up his bike to take off on a 12-mile ride. 

Here is another lesson I learned from Trey on this day. Trey was one of the last people to sign up because this was not the triathlon he has been training for. We will take part in that one in late October but my sister helped put this one together so we decided two days before to take part. Crazy I know but that put Trey in as one of the last to take off. Instead of letting his mind play tricks on him and making him feel like he should give up since everyone was already gone he grabbed his bike and took off. 

I think there are so many times that we all let our minds talk us out of doing amazing things. I can tell you that after watching my son take this on with no hesitation I will do the same! 

Here he is coming in after his 12-mile bike ride and will be heading back into the transition location to put his bike back and take on the run. 

Now he is off for a 2-mile run to finish the event. 


Enjoying a nice cool cloth and of course with that amazing metal hanging around his neck. 

I can not begin to tell you how proud I was of the amazing job he did! 

Words can not express how proud we are of him! 

Oh boy and his bike.......oh and his new medal! 

Once we finished the race it was time for lunch at one of my favorite little spots. The food is good but that's, not why I love it. I love the outdoor drapes that look like my screen porch and the view of the water. 

We also came here because Trey wanted seafood but he ordered a hamburger! Hey, it was his day so he could eat what he wanted. 

This was one day I will not forget! 

Come along for the fun and take a look at my Youtube Channel. You will feel like you were there. 

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Black and White Buffalo Check Is On Trend This Year

Hello Friends! 

This year I love everything about the black and white buffalo print.   I wanted to share a few of my favorites because I have found some of the cutest items at the best prices. 

Let's start with my favorite slip cover for the pillows. I can't wait to pick this up and use it outside on my covered porch. Now please know this is not an outdoor pillow but for the price its perfect to put on my covered porch and enjoy when I am entertaining outside. 

I can already see myself curled up with a blanket at the firepit enjoying long talks with Eddie. 

This would also be perfect to sit on a bench as decorative pieces and for that pop of Fall! This really is my favorite go-to Fall pattern this year. You can find this one here- Pillow

I love this table runner and as you can see below it's going to be the perfect way to accent my table during Halloween and Fall. I love the idea of pairing white and orange with this table runner. The price is also great!

You can find this table runner here with this link- Table Runner. 

This throw has my name all over it and I can not wait for my order to come in! I can already see myself enjoying this on my porch on cool Fall nights. As you know I plan to enjoy my porch as much as possible this year since I have given it a makeover. This will be the perfect addition. You can find your throw here- THROW

These dish towels are also on my order list. I can see using them in the kitchen but also bring them to the kitchen table and pair them with a place setting. They are adorable and come in a set of three. 

This bedding set would look great in my smaller guest bedroom and would be something I would put out for the Fall and Winter months. I am actually placing my order for this set very soon in the twin size so I can do just that. You can find this set here-

This would look great during the Fall and then for Christmas I would accent it with red pillows and its perfect! I can not wait for this to come in and I will be sure to share it with you once it does. 
The final item that I love is this checkered doormat for outside. I actually put this on my back porch and I love it!  So now it's your turn to tell me what item in the Buffalo print is your favorite?

Want to see some of my other favorite items, I have made it really easy for you! Just click here to find them. - Favorites

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