Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover Before and After

Hello Friends! 

Let's start this off with a look at the before pictures. I am so excited that my daughter asked me to help her decorate her new apartment in Atlanta. She recently graduated and Atlanta is her new home. It has quickly turned into my second home because I love everything about it. 

The apartment is new and the bathroom has a lot of potential with all the space. I love the modern feel and it's very large. It's perfect for all the decorating ideas we have. 

The counter top is very spacious and the white stone is going to go perfectly with our Farmhouse decor. 

As you can see there is a lot of wall space to put to good use. 

The only item that Dallas has in place now is her college shower curtain. This shower curtain is in great condition but doesn't fit our theme so we will be passing it along to someone that can use. You will be amazed at how different this space looks with the new white ruffle shower curtain. 

Are you ready for a look at the new space? 

Now let me walk you through each part of the makeover.  Below you will see the countertop. I love the plants that are from Commercial Silk and you can find their link here. You can also follow them on their Facebook page- Here

They are perfect with their little tin buckets and I love the pop of green. They came package together and very secure in their box.  

I picked up the buckets from Michaels and was so happy to find them in the clearance section. 

We are using the buckets for decoration but they have a practical purpose with holding bath clothes and hand towels. We have started out with a few new white sets and each week she will add to her collection and replace her old sets. 

This has to be one of my favorite items that again works great as decor but is being used for storage. It holds cotton balls and Q-tips. Would you believe I found this at Michaels for $3.00 on clearance? 

Always think out of the box and shop other departments. I found this awesome wooden battery operated candle from Target in the patio section marked down to $7.00 with their Summer items. 

I found the mirror at Michaels on sale for $21.00 from $79.99. 

The little shelf is from Hobby Lobby along with all of the accessories. 

Come take a look at the final room in the video I put together below! 

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