Benefits of a Hydration Backpack

Hello, friends! 

Today, I am so excited to discuss my Hydration Pack with you all! I had a lot of questions about this hydration backpack I carried on our recent trip to the mountains. 

First, I love the size of this hydration backpack! As you can see, it is not too overpowering. Water can be very heavy in your backpack but carrying it in the hydration pack can be a huge help. Its lumbar reservoir transfers weight to the waist and lowers your center of gravity which maximizes comfort. 

The pack is also very convenient. You can drink as you go. You don't have to stop, get your bottle out, unscrew it, drink, put the cap back on, and put the bottle away. 

You also run into an issue with bulk when carrying multiple water bottles. 

I absolutely love spending time with my family. They are just incredible. When we get to get away and focus on nature, it is so fun! No cell phones, emails, or deadlines to worry about. Its my time to spend with my family and a long way is one of my favorite adventures. 

We love to go hiking which the water backpack is perfect for a day hike! 

You can find one just like this one here- Waterpack or Waterpack. You could go for something a little different like this one which would allow you to carry snacks. Waterpack

A few important tips to remember to not put flavored water in the bladder of the pack. This just helps to keep the bladder cleaner for longer. 

After each use, you will take the bladder out and let dry completely. Mold can build up if it is not allowed time to air dry. 
When we clean ours we wash it out with hot water and let it hang to air dry. Some people will use hot water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and wash the inside. 

The good news is you can purchase a replacement bladder which you can find here- Bladder.

You can see my video series of our trip below. I can not wait for our next adventure in the mountains and this hydration will be part of it! 

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