Bathroom Cabinet Makeover With Storage Ideas

Hello, friends! 

How many of you have a smaller half bathroom?

Well, I have one that we consistently have guests coming in and out! 
I wanted to go ahead and tackle this project. It deserved an upgrade. My biggest fear was someone would need tissue paper and would open it to see what you see below. 

Here is the before. As you can see, it needed to be upgraded. The space needed organization. It wasn't messy but it needed some help. 

I found the amazing baskets for storage at Michaels and the Target Dollar Spot!

Here is the after! As you can see, it is much more organized. You can see where everything is and if we are running low in certain areas. Helps me know when to add items to the grocery list. 

Don't you just love candles? Dallas actually told me that most of the Bath and Body Works Candles have a version at Walmart! I will be checking that out when I start to run low!

I like to keep my additional items for the bathroom in here such as shampoo, conditioner, and anything that might be needed in either my bathroom or the upstairs bathroom. 

I absolutely love my cleaning caddy! Helps me keep cleaning supplies on hand and easily accessible. 

These baskets, also, make this bathroom safer with the storage for the light bulbs. I dont have to worry about the little ones going in this cabinet and anything rolling out and breaking on the floor. I keep this basket up high. 

Now, if a guest needs to grab tissue paper, I don't feel embarrassed with them looking in this cabinet.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! You can watch the video on Mrs. Erica's Youtube below! 

How do you like to organize your bathroom cabinets? 

See you in the next post!

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