New Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Hello, friends! 

I am so excited to show you my kitchen pantry's makeover! I found that my pantry before the makeover was causing me more issues than helping me. I could not find items that I needed and I would purchase items that I already had on hand.

I also hated the idea of opening up the pantry door to see the unorganized mess that sat waiting to look right back at me. Now I am so excited to how organized everything is and I just love how it all came together.

The reason the makeover started was that I saw how much wasted space I had from the top shelf to the roof. I had my contractor come in and add to small shelves that were not as deep and would still allow putting baskets on them to hold extra items that I did not need to get my hands on every day.

This ended up being a perfect idea and I love the extra space. It's up high and I do need a step stool but I really don't mind because again these are not items I need every day. I also never put anything heavy on the top shelves.

Ready to take a look!

First, let's start off when you open the pantry door.

As you can see I have this white metal over the door rack similar to these White Rack (available in small and large)White Back of the Door Rack, and White 24 Inch Wide Adjustable Rack.

I purchased these from Amazon years ago. Here are some similar options in color from Amazon if you are looking: Home Basics Metallic Non-Woven Strap Bin Basket Tote (Small, Grey) and 2pk Woven Baskets in gray. Just make sure to check the sizes with your individual space. 

For these, I used mini spice jars. You can get these from so many places. Amazon has many options including Transparent Spice Storage Containers6pc - 5 oz Mini Oval Clear Glass Favor Jars, and Bail and Trigger Spice Jars, Set of 4

I can not even tell you how long I have had these two. I could not tell you which store I purchased from honestly! Here are some similar ones: Airtight Glass Canister Set of 3Anchor Hocking 2 Pack 67oz Glass Jars, and 2 Pack of Bamboo Cap 27 oz Capacity.

I like to keep my water bottles and paper towels in this bottom large storage baskets. I purchased this from Homegoods! I just love the neutral colors and how perfect the size is for space. 

I keep our step ladders at the bottom of our pantry as well. Here are some step ladder options if you're in the market: Small White Step Ladder and 16 inch White Step Ladder

I purchased the two larger round storage baskets from Homegoods as well as the smaller rectangle container. I like to keep our pasta, chips, and other larger items in the round baskets. I like to keep our tuna and spice packets in the rectangular one.

All of the glass containers are labeled for quick access. These are so great for many reasons. My favorite part about these containers is that I can see when I need more of a certain product. Right now, I need more grits for the glass container.

As you can see, everything has a place. This makes it pretty to everyone who sees your pantry including yourself, but allows you to know where each item is. 

On this shelf, we have the condiments, future salad dressings, cooking spray, and all the similar items. You can find similar baskets on Amazon here: Spectrum Diversified Wire Storage Basket in Chrome and Spectrum Diversified Wire Storage Basket with handles.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! You can see the Kitchen Pantry Makeover on my YouTube Channel below. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss out!


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