Dallas Apartment Pantry on a Budget With the Dollar Tree

Hello, friends!

Welcome to the long-awaited apartment pantry makeover!

As most of you know, my daughter, Dallas, moved to Atlanta! She is living in a gorgeous one bedroom apartment. I wanted to help her be organized in her first place just to herself. Best of all, she was very excited to have me help her. 

One thing that comes with the move to Atlanta is the traffic. A good freezer bag is a must and the green bag on the bottom is a Publix freezer bag. I placed all of her other grocery store reusable bags in it. She likes to bring her own bags to the store so it worked out great to keep everything together. 

The colored baskets are from the Dollar Tree. The labels are chalkboard labels and we purchased them from Michael's. The tin basket is from Hobby Lobby and I added it for a different element of color. 

The white tubs at the top hold the items that Dallas does not need every day. They hold the extra rice for the rice container and all any other backup items for refills. You can find these at the Dollar Tree.

The clear containers are from Ikea. You can find similar here: 6 piece set and a 10 piece set.

The lazy susan is perfect to place the coconut oil, cocoa powder, peanut butter, and other similar items. It is from Home Goods. Lazy Susans can be a great addition to pantrys!

I love the pop of color these tubs from Dollar Tree provide. They are perfectly sized as well. The best part is how each one of these containers helps Dallas take inventory when its time to go to the grocery store. Dallas has worked hard to come up with a weekly grocery budget and not purchasing multiple items when she already has it on hand it a big help. 

On the left, we decided to keep her miscellaneous items such as rice crakers and popcorn packets. In the clear Ikea containers, we placed her Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn. 

Thank you all for coming along to see Dallas' updated pantry! We are so excited for her on this new journey! 

Take a look at the video here to see how I put everything together. 

                       How do you keep your pantry organized?

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