The Journey to the State Line of Tennessee and North Carolina

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog! 

First stop of the day was at Russell Stovers Chocolate Factory. I would be happy to make this the first stop of every day if calories didn't count! 

First, would you look at that cute photo bomber behind me and second would you look at the size of this chocolate! 

We had so many goodies to choose from but we limited ourselves to sharing a Homemade hot fudge sundae! 

Ice cream on the porch in a rocking chair just doesn't get much better on a nice cool day. 

Before our hike we took a tour around the downtown area and really enjoyed the sites. 

This was so much and I loved grabbing a photo at the famous Tennessee and North Carolina State line point. 

Today's trail was not too hard but mostly uphill on a trail which made it much easier. 

Love this guy so much! 

This trail was much easier because it was more of a trail but it was all up hill so we took it slow! 

I loved when we made it to the Falls and was ready to sit down and enjoy lunch! 

Best view ever for lunch and the water sounded amazing as we sat and for about 30 minutes. 

The view back down was beautiful and we stopped a few times just to take it in. 

Trey did such an amazing job with the backpack that had all of our supplies in them. I was amazed at how he never complained about it. 

Trey loved sitting on the rocks and capturing pictures of the water running down the stream. He actually took some amazing water pictures. 

I would not believe we saw an Elk walking in the woods. It was enjoying an afternoon snack from a tree bush and was not surprised to see us. 

I loved how you would walk up on the gorgeous white dogwood trees that were just sitting in the middle of the woods. The white from the tree just pooped and was beautiful. 

Also found this little guy! 

Be sure to watch the video below so you can feel like you are on the journey with us! 

See you in the next post! 

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