Our Final Days in the Smokey Mountains

Good Morning Friends and welcome to my Blog! 

Today I am sharing my final post from our recent vacation in the Smokey Mountains. We have been so busy with life that I have not had a chance to finish the final post. I hope you enjoy seeing a couple of the pictures from our final two days of the trip. 

As you can see in the video that is linked at the bottom of this post the Alum Cave Trail was one of the most challenging I have ever taken part in. It starts off with an amazing walk along the stream but then........be sure to see the video if you have not! 

I loved every minute of walking by the stream and taking in the view. 

The water pack was one of my go-to items for the trail. Having my water right there and plenty of it was key for every trail. 

Trey had an amazing time and I was so proud of the great job he did. 

Eddie and really enjoyed sitting next to the stream and having lunch. I would love to have recorded the sound of the water running by along the rocks and listen to it each night before going to sleep. 

I had so much fun taking on this adventure with the boys! 

Trey loved taking pictures of the water every chance he had and his pictures were amazing. 

I will hold onto these memories forever! 

This was just before going into the cave which I must admit was very adventures of me! 

The picture below is from when I agreed to go on the scariest adventure of my life and just before the panic attack....seriously! 

See how high the mountains are behind me? Well, that's really how high we were up! 

This was on our way down and I snapped this while Trey was taking a break. 

It was so amazing sitting in the hot tub when we returned and watching the sun go down. 

We used the hot tub every single night and enjoyed the view! 

All dressed and ready for dinner. This is one of the most comfortable tops that I recently purchased from The Loft. 

I love those bare feet! 

Here is all the information on the cabin we stayed in and I was very happy with everything! 

What an amazing view! 

Be sure to watch the video below if you have not had a chance because you will really feel like you are right there with us! 

See you in the next post! 

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