Dining Room and Kitchen Buffet Clean Out

Hello Friends and welcome to the Blog today! 

I am working on so many different projects around my home that all involve organization. I can't wait to share all of them with you and today we are working on my dining room hutch. 

The dining room buffet can very quickly turn into a catch all if you are not careful. I wanted mine to be very organized and set up in a way that I could enjoy it each time I opened it. I also never wanted to worry if my guest opened the drawers. 

So let's get started! 

First step is to protect your table, so it is not scratched by any sharp pieces. Then lay everything in groups that match. This will help you when you are loading everything back in the drawer. 

It's also critical that you measure your drawer before you go out to purchase the items. This will help save time and money, so you know you buy the right piece the first time. 

Have a plan and know what is going to be grouped together and what size unit you will need. I love how everything came together for me. Now I can open my drawers and know exactly what I have when it comes time to entertain. 

 Above you can see a look at all three drawers I worked on with this project. I am so excited for the next time I have an event at my home. I know right where everything is and its ready to be used and enjoyed! 

Here is a video link to how I put all of this together that I know you will enjoy! 

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