Come Along With Us To Freeport Bahamas During Our Stop on the Cruise

Eddie and I did not go far from the ship when we arrived in Freeport. We just took a little time to visit the shops that were around the port and had a lot of fun grabbing some cute pictures. 

Below you can actually see the ship behind us and that's about as far as we went. We spent about an hour visiting each of the little stations to look at a lot of the handmade crafts and gifts. 

There were a lot of cute areas to grab a picture next to so it was worth the time of getting off the ship and walking around. Since the port is very industrial, we almost stayed on the ship but I am glad we stepped off to look around. 

I love the two pictures below because they really show what it is like when you only have two people traveling together. Someone is always the personal selfie stick! This one shows me testing to see how I do and then below we see how Eddie does! 

I know we are all like this......

I am never shy to take a picture or a video where I want to get the shot. I asked these two ladies if I could climb up on this chair and they said sure so I was up there in a matter of seconds. I think sometimes Eddie must feel like he better keep an eye on me or I might end up on the roof of a building if it makes a fun picture! 

Here we are at the Freeport Welcome sign. I am also not shy about asking a stranger to take a picture of us but we do always offer to take one for them in return! 

When we made it back to our room we sat on the balcony for a while and watch this ship turn completely around to leave the port. I put it in fast motion in my video but it took almost 45 minutes to turn. 

Leaving we had the chance to see the most fantastic view, and this picture only shows a little of it. Imagine seeing this in person! This is why it is well worth paying for a balcony room. I took in as many sunsets at possible. 

I could have sat out here all day and just looked at this view. When I see this it reminds me of How Great Our God Is! He created all of this beauty! 

We had a great time sitting out on the balcony together as we pulled out of Freeport and headed to our next stop. Those are some of my favorite memories because Eddie and I would just sit together with no schedule and just enjoy having each other there. 

Dinner was a lot of fun on this night because the staff put on a great show. Some people do not care for the dancing but I had a lot of fun with. The music was great and the silliness was just fun! 

Here is a little look at my coconut cake that I had for dessert. 

Eddie had the chocolate dessert cake. 

Tonight's little towel animal, I think it's a cat? Do you agree?

I put together an awesome video that gives you a great idea of all the fun we had! There is actually one for each day of the cruise if you would like to visit the playlist and feel like you are going along with us.  I hope you enjoy! 

See you in the next post! 

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