A Stop in the Bahama's

Hello Friends.......

This was our day to stop in the Bahama's and the weather was perfect. I think it was about 72 degrees and the sun felt amazing. 

We spent about two hours off the ship walking around and taking in the local stores. I am amazing to share that I did not purchase anything. I was proud of myself but also didn't feel like I walked away wanting anything. This was us just as we were about to leave the ship. 

Its fun to see all of the ships lined up in the port. This also gives you a chance to think about which one you might want to go on next! 

Dinner was amazing on this night and the prime rib had to be one of my favorite meals. Eddie and I both ordered this and just loved it. We were very happy with the food every night. 

Here is our little guy that they made us for this night. He is the cutest monkey and I actually kept him up for a few days. It was fun to see him swing when the bought moved. To behonest I actually would have loved to bring him home but I was good! 

Come along for an amazing journey with the video I put together to help you see the day from our eyes. We had such a great time and took in as many of the events as possible. Be sure to subsribe so you never miss out. 

See you in the next post! 

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