Organizing A Coffee Station and Ideas for Setting It Up

If you have followed my Youtube channel for any amount of time then you know I love the idea of a coffee station. My previous coffee station was small but was a great way to start out and make sure I really liked the idea of a full blown area devoted to serving my family and guest everything from coffee to hot teas. 

The very minute I set up my Keurig on the original small table I was in love with the idea of an area devoted to serving coffee. Since my table was small I was very limited with what I could put. I used my station for about two years and just could not find what I was looking for as my new coffee station. 

I had this beautiful cabinet in my living room and its original use is a wine cabinet. Eddie and I really do not drink enough wine or anything else for that matter to have a use for this cabinet, so it became a storage piece for holiday glasses and frustrated me because it took up space. I have a mindset that everything has a place and a use for me to keep it but I did not want to get rid of this piece. 

I decided two weeks ago to just go for it and move it into my dining room and turn it into my new coffee station and WOW!! I just love everything about it. What until you see the video at the bottom of this post. 

I love the small lamp I placed on the top along with a few of my favorite things from pineapples to my napkin holder. We all know I love pineapples and really love napkins! I have always felt like sitting out cocktail napkins for guest is away tell them you are happy to have them in your home and you hope they enjoy their time with you. 

I have everything on top that is needed to make specialty coffee drinks and I can put out hot muffins at any time! I feel like it says, "Let's make a yummy coffee and sit back and visit."

I did not want anyone to be able to see inside the glass doors so I cut black poster board to fit and placed in the door. When you enter the room I only want the focus to be on the cabinet and the top items. I love the way this idea came together and gives it a very clean look. 

Doesn't this just make you ready for a hot cup of coffee and then to curl up in a chair in my family room! I love the size, the color, and the look. Its perfect and its everything I wanted. 

Every draw is designed to have a special feature. This first draw holds hot chocolate cups on the left side. On the right-hand side you will find your hot apple cider. Best of all is in the middle you will find the tea box that can be removed and placed on the cabiet. 

I have a hot tea kettle that I can bring out at any point and plug in for instant hot water. I am prepared for anything my guest would like. 

The tea box is beautiful and can hold several different choices. I have found one like it here

I love having a mixture of coffee flavors so there is always something for everyone. 

This drawer is on of my favorites drawers. I have my beautiful scallop dish that holds my sugar and silver spoons. Here is a link that I found for similar spoons just in case you can not find them in The Dollar Tree stores. Search Here

I love the idea of opening this drawer each morning and seeing how pretty this is set up. 

I am really excited for the Holidays this year and all of the entertaining I plan to do. Making my family and friends feel right at home is one of my favorite things! 

I hope you enjoyed a look at my new coffee station and now take a few minutes to enjoy the video listed below so you can see it for yourself! 

See you in the next post! Be sure to subscribe, so you never miss out a fun post like this! 

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