Do You Have the Right Pair of Shoes for Running/Walking

I love when I have the opportunity to share a blog post that can help make a difference in your life and this one will. Back in 2012, I started training for 5k events and my first half marathon. During my training, I was experiencing terrible pain in both of my calves. It was so bad I reached a point that I was thought I was going to have to stop running and walking long distance walks. Before making this decision, I decided to visit my doctor to see what could be wrong. 

After a complete examination and several tests, she suggested that I see a specialist and have them properly fit me for a pair of shoes. I have to admit that I could not image that this was going to make a big difference because the pain was so bad. 

I went to a local sports store that carries everything from running gear to outdoor gear and spoke with a well-known runner that fits people for shoes. He helps everyone with different needs from running to diabetes. He had me stand in several different positions to see how my feet handled the pose. I was shocked to see how my feet rolled inside and the amount of stress that was putting on my calves. 

Here is an idea of the issue I have with my feet rolling inward instead of standing straight up. When you see this example below you can see why my calves would hurt. 

He shared with me that I should purchase a pair of Nike Moto 9 from the Nike brand. I am not sharing this post with you to endorse this pair of shoes, so please know you will need to see what brand and style work for you but this is the pair that fits me best. Side note is they no longer make the Moto and I have switched to a high-performance shoe. 

I could not believe the difference it made within the first week of wearing them. After week three I felt like a brand new person. I could not wait to get out and put them to the test every day! 

There are people that have other issues and it is really important to understand how your feet fit in your shoes. Here are some other examples of what you might see. 

The second part of this is how important it is to know that your shoes are made to last for about 400-500 miles. The most visible wear on your shoes is the upper fabric but it is very important to keep an eye on the bottom rubber part of your shoes to help prevent injuries. You can actually cause more damage to your body when wearing shoes that are not in good condition. 

A couple of things to keep in mind: 
Shock absorption  is limited as your shoes get older. This is something that I am experiencing now. I have a trip planned today to go be fit for a new pair of shoes because my heels are taking the impact of every step I take while running. 

Shoes change shape as they wear out and this is important because I wear the shoes I do to help hold my instep up. If they start to change their shape I loose that support. 

Make sure that your shoes have mesh on the top to allow your feet to breath. If your socks get soaked from sweat they can rub together and blisters can form. 

I have also made a video here to help go into more details on my experience with how important it is to have the proper pair of shoes. This is very important for both runners and walkers. 

I hope you find this post helpful. If you have been having any type of pain don't give up on running/walking until you try a new pair of shoes that really fit the needs of your feet. I just can not believe the difference they made for me. 

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