Practical Ideas for a Better You to Put Into Practice

Tip #1
Thank You Notes

Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your blessings, and acknowledging everything that you receive. Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present. Giving thanks makes people happier and more resilient, it strengthens relationships, it improves health, and it reduces stress.

At this point find a way to start sending one thank you note a week. Just one......you can do that! That's 52 times you say thank you in a year, we can all do that. 

Take your printable sheet below and write down how you are doing in this area. When was the last time you sent someone a thank you note?
Was it for something other than a present that was given you?
How did you feel when you sent the note?

At this point find a way to start sending a thank you note a week. Just one......you can do that! 

Research Shows Gratitude Heightens Quality of Life

Tip #2 
Positive Daily Thoughts

Would you say your daily thoughts are more positive or negative? Take a minute and write down a few things. How do you react to situations in a normal day? What do you expect to happen in an average day? Do you expect good things to happen to you?

Many people do not know that positive thinking has a lot of health benefits. If you keep your mind in good shape, you’ll have an optimistic view of life and that affects your health and wellbeing in an extremely positive way. On the same note, thinking negatively can actually have an opposite effect on your health. In more often than not, pessimistic thoughts makes you feel uneasy and might even increase illness. 

Let's spend the next few weeks really staying focused on our thoughts. Remember to write down how you are doing in this area.

Tip #3 
Write Down Task and Check Them Off

If you are in  a slump and feel like you are doing so such at such a fast pace but not seeing many results take 5 minutes at the end of each day and write down a few things that you did that day that maybe were not on a previous to-do list. Then reward yourself by checking them off the list. There is something so rewarding about checking things off a list. 

We do way more than we give ourselves credit for and to help you get over this slump you might be in write them down after the fact and start checking things off. 

Take a minute and reflect on how you are doing in this area. Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel like you are accomplishing what you want in a day? Do you see all the work you are doing and giving yourself credit?

Tip #4
Smile More

If you were to ask someone who knows me to describe who I am, one of the first things that they will say is that I am a continually happy or ‘smiley’ person. This is something that I always laugh about as it has been mentioned many times throughout my life! The good thing is I’m not complaining as a smile has a tonne of benefits to your overall wellbeing.

When you’re smiling, no doubt you’re having a much better time than when you’re not! Smiling simply makes you feel better!
Research has shown that smiling releases serotonin – a neurotransmitter that produces feelings of happiness and wellbeing. It’s like a circle of happiness. Smile and you feel happy, you feel happy and you smile! Even when you’re not feeling great, try smiling, genuinely, and see how you feel!
Take a minute and reflect on your worksheet how you are doing in this area. Do you need to smile more? What's holding you back from smiling? Do you smile at others? 

Tip #5
Read a Self-Improvement Book

There are several benefits of reading self-help books. The first benefit of reading self-help books is the experience puts the reader on a path to where they can read, practice the strategies learned, and make improvements in their lives without having to ask others for help. If we read, learn and decide to create our own life plan and carefully do the necessary things that can make us better, we can accomplish our goals and improve our lives.

Reading self-help books can also build a higher sense of confidence in a person that can help them to get out of almost any challenging situation without resorting to the help of others.

 Another benefit of self-help books is that one develops the mentally tough attitude of relying on oneself and develops the skills of addressing and untying the knots of day-to-day life.

Take a minute and write down how you are doing in this area. When was the last time you read something on self-improvement? Did you find that it helped you in any way? What was it on, cleaning, parenting, life?

Below is the printout you can use for this exercise. I am very excited to have these on hand for you from this point on. We can work together during one of my videos so you can share your thoughts and see how you are doing. No worries, they are only for you to see! Just click the photo, save to desktop, and then print! 

I would hold onto these in a notebook once you complete so you can go back in a month and rewatch the video to see how you are doing! 

The key here is to take small steps over time to be the best you. Make the changes you want for you and not to impress others. I hope you enjoyed this and would love to hear your feedback in the comments below. Also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss out! 

Here is the video to was will following along with the post! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss out on this series! 

See you in my next post! 

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