Breakfast Ideas for the Kids Part Two

I am back with part two of my series with Breakfast Ideas for the Kids. In the video below I have shared the steps needed for three different dishes. The idea behind this is to help us all bring fresh and new items to the breakfast table during the school within a manageable timeframe. 

Some of these are great to make the night before so the only think you need to do is heat them up. The others are recipes you can quickly make and some even have additional tips on how to make them while putting multitasking to the test. 

Keep these ideas in your notebook so you go start logging great new ideas and trade them out during the week. Your kids will love you for it!

Let's start with one of my most favorite dishes. I shared these on my blog about two years ago, and I had to include them with this series. They are cinnamon rolls from the can that you cook in your waffle maker. They cook so fast and are amazing. I like them better this way than the traditional oven way method. 

There is no need to for extra work when making these. You simply place them in the waffle maker that has been sprayed with cooking spray and cook. They cook up quickly so don't walk away. 

We find that it works better for Eddie to get Trey ready while he is also getting ready for his day, but I want Trey to know I had a part in the start of his morning. I like to make items the night before, and Eddie can heat them up which makes things easy for him and Trey knows I had a part in it. If you have followed me for any amount of time then you know I always say that you should use the pretty things every day, and that is just what I do. From sun up to sun down, I find a way to use my pretty things every day. 

One of the other items I share in the video below is my Mini Sausages with Fruit. This is such a great treat, and I can make these the night before, and the guys heat them up for 10-15 seconds, and they are set. The prep work on this is very minimum and perfect for breakfast. 

Can we just talk about how cute the plate and bowl are! The little bowl is from Target, and the plate is from HomeGoods. Oh, how I love the combination of anything from Target and HomeGoods.

I plan to continue this series as we move through the school year so you can add new ideas and recipes to your weekly routine. 

Now you can sit back and enjoy the video as I walk you through the steps of three different ideas for this month. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss out on something fun and new! 

See you in the next blog post! 
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