I Love a Great Price on a Dress

This weekend I went shopping at The Loft and I could not believe the dress that I found for $4.88 and it was my size. The only dress on the rack and it fit, how lucky can a girl be! 

The little blue sweater that just happens to match was also $4.88 but it was not intended to go together. Its the perfect little Summer dress for any occasion. 

I paired mine with a little pair of open toe flip flops with gold accents. 

We found a new little spot in my City that has to be my favorite spot to take outfit photos for my blog. I love how the trees line the street and it says everything South! 

I was so excited that Trey agreed to take a couple of pictures with me. We had so much fun laughing and posing for pictures as Eddie took them. I think this is going to be an awesome place to take Senior Photos in a few years. 

I just can not believe how much taller he is than me and we are only at the start of our freshman year. 

I love the look of the white house at the end of the street that you can see between us. 

I know I have said it before but Trey and Eddie are such great sports to go along with me on my Blog and Youtube adventures and take part in them! 

Always keep an eye out on the clearance racks and use your imagination on how you can mix and match different pieces. I just could not believe the price of the sweater and dress and it was like they were made for each other! 

I paired my new dress with the perfect purple stone necklace that Dallas gave me for Mothers Day a few years ago. Its stunning as it hangs on the gold chain. It was a perfect match for the dress. 

Be sure to leave me a comment below if you would like to see more outfit post in the future. I think it would be so much fun to run by and snap a few photos right after church or on a fun date night! I would love to hear your thoughts!! 

See you next time! 


Tips for Spending More Time With Your Family

If you have followed me since my first day or if this week was your first week to find me then I am sure you can tell that spending time with my family is very important to me. Here are a couple of tips that can help you find ways to spend more time with your family. 

Have a plan and let your family feel there are options to pick from. Before we started doing this I found that we would spend 15 minutes just trying to figure out what to do. Everyone would say, "I don't care, I don't care" or "You pick because anything is fine with me." One way to make sure your family time if meaningful is to give your family options that are easily laid out and already parent approved. 

I do this by breaking down my list into budget categories. I actually have a row for $10.00 or less. This could be a date night for Eddie and myself to go out for coffee. We will go to one of the local coffee shops and sit for an hour and enjoy talking with no cell phone or internet interruptions. 

I also break it down for restaurants. I place my fast food price range locations that we enjoy to the higher end locations. The last thing I want to do is talk myself into a high end restaurant when my budget is $30.00 for all three of us that week. 

We also take turns picking something from the list. So one week might be Trey's turn and so on. The good thing about this is I have already pre-approve the list. Trey thinks he is picking the location but the good news is the location is parent approved!

Next- Be consistent. Having a family night doesn't always mean that you need to go out and spend money. You can have a family night by making Taco Tuesday or Friday Night Pizza night. You can have a family favorite TV show. They key here is have your family in a habit of a family night. You don't want to go a month with nothing and then try to bring it up. Let your family know you value spending time with them and its so important to you that you keep it on the schedule. 

Get organized to help you save time. Do you know how much time you waste looking for your keys everyday. I now have a basket that I drop mine in each time I walk in the door so I don't have to spend 15 minutes searching my house. Also lay things out at night so your mornings can go smooth with the kids. Teach them to lay out their items so the start of their day is a positive one. 

Family Meetings- I think family meetings are a must and they only take 5-10 minutes. This is a great time to sit down Sunday evening and have everyone be on the same page so your week can be productive. You don't need a fancy planner and can actually go online and print something for free. Give this a try for one month, so each Sunday night for 4 weeks meet with your family and plan the week. 

Have you ever taken a look at your calendar to see how often you schedule a family night. Pick a different color pencil or pen and write in your family night. If you don't see anything then we have a problem! Remember that family night doesn't mean you have to spend money. Make it around dinner time and sit together and talk. 

Last tip is to set a timer and only allow yourself to do something for a certain amount of time. If I didn't do this I would end up in front of my computer for hours. I use my computer for everything so I really do have to limit my time. 

I hope you find these tips helpful and I can't wait for you to find new things to do with your family! 

I hope you found these tips helpful and they really can work for you! 



A Look Into This Past Week During June

I have hit a phase in life that I can honestly say that I make sure I enjoy the little things every single day. I also think that one of the best things about having a Blog and Youtube channel is it almost forces me to notice the little things and for that I am very grateful! 

We have not been out to dinner in weeks so just before we started our new eating lifestyle change we went to our favorite restaurant which is Half Shell. Eddie and I still stuck to a pretty good meal choice. I had the grilled Mahi Mahi with a pineapple slaw. We both only ate half and we took the rest home for dinner. 

Trey loves the Seafood Pasta and can eat the entire bowl which is awesome. Believe me that as a growing boy he should be doing that. 

After lunch we took time to smell the flowers. If you have followed me then you know Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. 

We have a local furniture store in my city that is also their home and in the front they have this little sitting area. It has to be one of my favorite places ever. I just love how it looks like a secret garden.

Also part of enjoying the little things is taking time to enjoy your morning coffee in a pretty cup and this is another one of my cups that I love. Dallas purchased this for me this year and I love the look. I do have one questions, why did Starbucks make a like of cups with the plain circle in the center? Does anyone know the circle mystery? 

I am also loving my dining room table right now with the black and white stripes and the spots! Perfection, Perfection, Perfection is all I can say!!! 

You can pick up these awesome glasses from Walmart because they are part of the Pioneer Woman's collection. I love them and they go with so many different sets of dishes I have. 

This was my last meal before I started my clean eating and fitness plan. It had to be one of the most amazing nachos I have ever had and were from Moe's. Worth every calorie!!!

After eating our yummy nachos Eddie and I went to a wedding and made a fun date night out of it! I wore my favorite dress with my favorite guy!!! 

I am loving the new little bowl sets I picked up from Target which were on clearance for just over a $1.00! You will see them in many videos and blog post! 

Have fun coming along with us on this journey! 


Whats for Dinner Week Thirteen

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend. I think I am going to do a little work in my yard and a little organizing in my home. Its funny that I think that sounds like fun! 

So last Friday night was very easy. I had a gift card for Bonefish and I picked up two orders of the Bang Bang Shrimp and a bowl of the crab soup for both Eddie and myself. Quick and easy was on the agenda for this night after a very busy week. 

I love going to Publix and picking up their fresh sushi they make right in the store. It has to be one of my favorite and for a grocery store they do an amazing job. I also really enjoy the crab salad that they make fresh in the store. Its the perfect afternoon lunch. 

I just love Sunday morning before church. I like to get up before Eddie and Trey and make a yummy breakfast that they can enjoy before we leave for service. 

Is there anything better than steak and potatoes? I don't think so!!

Except for maybe Steak Taco Night!!!

Yes that is Homemade Guacamole in the green bowl and its so good. 

One of our favorite treats is to stop by Panera Bread and pick up a cup of the Black Bean Soup. Its perfect to go with a sandwich made at home or to have when you just want something light for dinner. 

I have switched my breakfast up lately and I am enjoying yogurt, strawberries, and granola. Its perfect to have at my desk each morning at work as I start the day. 

We had Fish Tacos this week and I have to tell you that this table setting was one of my favorite. I love everything about it. 

The next night I made Fish Taco's again because I had so much left over and I did not want it to go to waste but look at how changing the table setting made it feel different. 

Take a look at the video below to come along during our week of meal planning! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss out. 

I hope you enjoyed and be sure to come back by again soon! 

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