Whats for Dinner Week Eleven Meal Ideas

This week was a very busy week in our home with school coming coming close to ending and final exams going on we needed dinner to be quick and easy. Football practice is in full swing for us so we are going at full speed as I am sure all of you are also. 

First on the menu was spaghetti  because its the one dish that is very easy to put together. Eddie and I both could make this dish and have it on the table fast. 

This was the little pork pre-marnitated pork tenderloin but we really did not enjoy this to be honest. After I posted this video on my Youtube channel I had one of you give me the great idea to wipe them off before cooking which would have been a good idea! I can tell you that they did not go to waste because I cooked them all and made yummy treats for my two puppies! 

One of the easiest items to purchase to put together for dinner is a precooked chicken and since I had a coupon this week for a free Costco chicken I picked this one up for a late Friday night dinner since shopping ran over. 

Saturday I tried the Lobster Bisque I purchased from Costco and we really did not like this. All three of us tried it and did not enjoy it so I could not recommend it. It had all the makings for a quick Saturday lunch but just did not deliver in flavor. 

This is one of the yummiest dishes I make that we all enjoy. Its my Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesada  with ranch dipping sauce. Just add a couple of onion rings with it and you will have a hit. 

These are my Beef Empanadillas that we all enjoy along with Beef Tacos since it is Taco Tuesday after all! I roasted asparagus with garlic as a healthy side. By the way, don't you just love the watermelon and plaid plates!! 

This has to be one of my most favorite dishes I have made since starting this series. Its my Spring Salad topped with fillet steaks from Costco along with croutons and ranch dressing. It was amazing! 

Take a look at the video below to come along with us during the week and see each meal! 

See you next week friends as I bring even more yummy goodies your way! 

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