Friday in New Orleans With Friends and H&M Time

This past week my company chartered a bus and there were about 50 of us that took a Friday day trip to New Orleans. We had such a great time from the minute we stepped on the bus. We had lunch planned out, then a little shopping, and the day ended with karaoke. Well some of us took part in karaoke and people like myself cheered them on! 

I love the look of the Hotel Monteleone which is a luxury French Quarter Hotel in New Orleans. I love the location but most of all is the amazing historic style. 

When we made it to Mr. B's Bistro they had the private dinning room ready for us. They even personalized the menu for us with our company information. I love attention to details like that and its just how I would do it in my home if I had guest coming over. 

How amazing does this menu look. It was really hard to pick what item I wanted for lunch. I wish the world was set up like a cruise and you can order as many entries as you would like so you could try some of everything. 

We had the private dining room all set up for us all the way down to balloons with our company colors. When everyone entered the room you could hear them let out the sounds of surprise. Now thats they way to welcome someone to lunch. 

I absolutely loved having the chance to walk around and visit with everyone at each table. Its so wonderful when you really enjoy the people you work with. 

The chief brought out special appetizers for us to try which I always enjoyed. Its fun to try something that you typically would not order. This was a duck egg roll and it was my first time trying duck. Might not be something I would order again but it was fun to try. 

Then we had fried oysters brought out which were also very good. 

These guys are so much fun to spend the day with and I really enjoyed laughing with each of them over a wonderful lunch. 

I love when someone is very excited to take a picture with me! So here we go girls! 

There was food coming to the table again and again and next on the menu was the gumbo. You can not go to New Orleans without having some gumbo! 

I had the shrimp and pasta which was very good. There was just so much food that I was only able to eat half of it because I had to save room for dessert after all! 

Time for more pictures before dessert. I love that I grabbed my own selfie as the camera man was trying to get everyone together for a group photo. 

Then there was dessert.........talk about a picture that tells a story! 

Now its time to go shopping. Ladies lets hit the road and see what we can find. 

I had no idea the H & M has a home decor area in their stores. I was in pineapple heaven with silver, gold, black, and white pineapples! 

Then was time to hop on the bus and head back to our home town. What a fun day! 

All I can say is, WHAT A GROUP! 

I hope you enjoy taking a look at the the video below as I bring you along on this amazing day trip! 

See you next time friends! 

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