Design Blogger Conference and the Grand Hyatt

I am not sure wear to begin because I am breaking up each one of my days into different post to help you experience the conference with me as much as possible. I have to start by saying, "Wow!" This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever taken part in. 

I have a passion for creating content and I love doing that with my blog and my Youtube channel. This conference helped me see that I can do this, its mine and I should be proud of my work. Sometimes you can find yourself thinking you do not have any business writing a blog because I am not a professional writer but the key is I am not trying to be one. I just love sharing ideas and sharing a little bit of happiness in the world! 

So lets do this! 

I could not believe the view of from my hotel room....it was breath taking. I found myself several times just sitting and staring out the window and counting my blessings. Would you look at the colors I captured in the sky. God is simply amazing with such a sky like this. 

The Grand Hyatt in Buckhead Atlanta was just unbelievable. I am the type of person that notices every detail and they paid attention to each one. From the light fixtures to the sitting areas. We really enjoyed the hotel. I felt like they rolled out the red carpet for us. 

Each night we enjoyed sitting by the fire in the lobby. It was one of my favorite spots and I already miss it. 

It seemed like every time we turned a corner we found another beautiful sitting area to enjoy. 

We had such a wonderful time together and I must say this was the best birthday trip a girl could ask for. The fact that Eddie and Trey went with me to a blogging conference was so sweet. 

We loved sitting in the Japanese Garden located in the back of the hotel. The Cherry Blossom trees were stunning. 

They really paid attention to every detail in the garden from the trees to the lights. 

The pool was closed of course since it is still pretty chilly but I can only imagine how much fun it would be to use in the summer months. I love the way it has the blue lighting. 

I can not wait to plan another trip soon to the Buckhead area and we will be staying at the Grand Hyatt. 

Be sure to take a look at Day One as we traveled to the conference and be sure to check out all of the other days that are to come! 

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