Time For Week Six Outfit Inspiration

Lets take a look at Week Six for some inspiration on outfit ideas! Cheers as we enter my favorite month of the year because February is my birthday month and I love to celebrate all month long....and why shouldn't I!

Time for some Mrs. Erica style time.....

I am on a rolling shopping my closet and working to mix and match everything. I am so surprised with what I am finding and putting together! 

This was fun showing how you can completely change an outfit just by adding a puffer vest. I love my puffer vest and wear them in so many different ways both on the weekends and during the work week. 

I love gray and black together and this sweater is one of my favorite pieces I picked up from the clearance section at Banana Republic several months ago. Also keep your eye out in all sizes because this was a small and fit perfectly. I would normally skip over that section but it worked. 

I love wearing my skirts that I can pair up tights and boots. Its actually one of the first things I think about when Winter time comes around. 

This was a new outfit I recently put together because of my goal to shop my closet. This has to be my new favorite outfit and I think I will be wearing this one to the upcoming Designer Blogging Conference I am attending in just a few weeks. I love the gray with the navy top. 

This was a red sweater that just sat in my closet and I never seemed to wear it but this week I paired it with a sleeveless turtleneck and pearls. Everything is better when paired with pearls, right! 

This was a green sweater I almost passed up while shopping the clearance sale at the Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet but thought it might be good on a cruise to wear during the evening shows. My goal this week was to find a way to wear it to work on a casual day so here it is. I paired it with a sleeveless turtleneck and really had fun with it. 

Take a look at this weeks video with all of the outfit ideas! I hope you enjoy and I will see you next week with more outfit ideas! 

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