February 20 -21, 2016 Weekend Recap

 I love when Friday afternoon comes around and the end of the work day hits. That feeling is like no other and you have the entire weekend in your hands so you can fill it with something fun. 

I actually had my watch set and ready for Friday afternoon because I was in need of some new pieces for our upcoming cruise. Sometimes I am in the mood to dress up but this time I am looking for relaxed glam.....vacation style. 

On Saturday Eddie and I went exploring around town and had such a great time. I really recommend taking a day and looking at what is in your own backyard. You don't always have to travel to find something new and fun. 

I love picking out something comfy for the weekend and it can be something as simple as an Ann Taylor Tee and Banana Republic scarf....which by the way I found on clearance for $6 Friday night. 
I love the color with the soft blue gray tent. 

We started our tour at Fort Gaines and just took our time walking around and practicing with the new camera. My first blogging conference is in less than two weeks and I just can not wait to start sharing so many things with you!

You can see the history that is involved and so many details to take in. We toured for about an hour and the weather was just perfect. 

Then we were off for my very first ride on the ferry which took us from Dauphin Island to Gulf Shores. I was as excited as a little girl on Christmas morning and I have not idea why except that it was again something new and fun I had the chance to share with Eddie. 

No words are needed for many of the pictures. I would have even paid extra for the sunset that we had the chance to watch. Just 100% amazing and reminded how wonderful God is! 

The month has also been fun because Trey started wearing contacts for the first time. I am one of those moms that just take in every new moment and step and he is growing up so fast. 

It was also an exciting weekend for Dallas because she volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House and made my Taco Soup for all of the parents that were staying and had children in the hospital. They loved it and it was such a hit! 

I had to share with you the cute items that Michael's Craft Store has right now. It has such a cute Kate Spade look and feel. I love the colors that are paired together and its perfect for any desk. 

They also have new items in for the kitchen. If copper is your style then you should check out the cute new pieces. The price is even better when you pair it with the online coupon. 

 This month I have worked very hard to stay one step ahead from meal planning to working out. I am pretty pleased with my progress. 

I am also taking time to enjoy the small moments during the day. Be sure to take a 5 minute break and enjoy a hot cup of tea in one of your favorite cups. This is my go to mug right now that I picked up from Starbucks. How can it not be The Best Day Ever with this cup in hand. 

Also just because you don't have a blog or put things together for a Youtube channel does not mean you should not take time to capture moments in your life. When you have a mindset of watching for things to capture you will be amazed at how you see life in a different way. I notice so many of the little details now. I know it sounds silly but I seem to always see the butterflies go by or a group of birds. Before I was running so fast I just did not take time to notice the little things. 

As I mentioned, I have the Design Bloggers Conference coming in very soon and I can not wait to see what I learn. I am very excited to put it in place and continue sharing all the little things with you! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post and be sure to take a look at this weeks video below for a different view! See you next time! 

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