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Hello Friends

Eddie and I took to the interstate and went shopping this weekend. I love traveling with Eddie because its a great time to talk about our week and just laugh! Laughter is so important to have in your life. No matter what your budget is just get out and find something fun to do. There are many times we might go in one store but then just walk, talk, and window shop. I get some of my best ideas with outfits and decorating just from window shopping!

TJ Maxx had these very cute pineapple salt and pepper shakers. I picked these up for a special friend because I know she loves pineapples. I can't wait to see how she uses them.

Eddie and I went down the home isle and this was the only mug sitting on the shelf. I just knew it was meant to be! I love everything black and white so I had to have this.

This make up bag is perfect to carry my jewelry in when I fly or go on short business trips. I love the two short pockets which will help my bracelets and necklaces not tangle. It was only $5.99 and I love the colors. When I fly on short trips I like to carry my items in my purse on the plane with me so I don't have to worry about them. I have a trip coming up in July and this will be perfect in my purse.

You know I love straws and I could not pass these up! Lobsters and Crabs.....I mean how cute is that!

This it was time for dinner. Here are just a few photos of what we had and it was amazing! The photo below is an order of Flaming Oysters. They were amazing!

Eddie had a blackened fish with Blackened Shrimp on top which was also very good.

This was my dish which was crab cakes on top of fried green tomatoes with a crawfish cream sauce over them. YUM!

This guy was outside...............Its a .............well its a ..................not really sure but at least he looked like he would be a nice animal.

Take a look here for a video of our day! Hope you enjoy!

See you next time! Erica


4th of July Ice Cream Bar

Happy 4th of July! 

This 4th of July I will have my Ice Cream Bar out again because its always such a big hit. Here is a look at how my station is set up. You can easily set this up at your home and your guest will have so much fun making their own ice cream bowl!

Having an Ice Cream Bar set up allows you to keep moving forward with the day without having to stop and serve dessert. It also lets your guest have fun making their own dessert and be part of the action!

I place my the extra dishes on the bottom of my cart so there is always a chance for anyone to pick up a bowl or cup and make what they would like.

This year I am going with fresh fruit and sprinkles. I am keeping with the red, white, and blue color theme but going a little healthy!

I am also going to have a Root Beer Float station to allow guest to make their own float. Just before time to serve I will pour the Root Beer into the blue pitcher. The ice cream is just to the left and they can fill their cup with as much as they would like.

I picked up the little miniature photo frames from Michaels in their $1.50 section just this month.

The little silver spoons are from the Dollar Tree and you can get a pack of 24 for a $1.00. What an awesome deal! These spoons really do look like miniature sterling silver spoons.

The blue bucket came from Target this past week and its in the dollar section and priced at $3.00. I also picked up the white bucket for more ice cream if needed.

Hope you enjoyed!!!


Framebridge Photo Review

Welcome to my Blog

Today I want to share information with you about Frame Bridge. This is such a great company that allows you send in your photo straight from your Instagram account. You can pick one of the many frames they. 

Step One is Style It- 
Preview your art in each of their framing styles. The price is based on the size you pick. 

Then send in the photo from the link and within two weeks I received my photo. The packaging was great. 

I am so happy with the way this photo turned out. Every time I walk by it I just smile and remember the great memory of the day.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post, 



Homemade Hamburger Helper Recipe

This is a recipe I promised to share once I received my new oven so here we go! There is nothing easier than Homemade Hamburger Helper. My husband and son really enjoy boxed Hamburger Helper but I do not like it so I wanted to put something together that we would all enjoy.

I came up with this very easy homemade recipe and we all love it! All you need is:


Spagetti Sauce

Alfredo Sauce


Brown your meat and cook pasta as per box directions. This is just like if you were making

 spaghetti with noodles. 

After you cook your meat you will drain it. Also drain your noodles once cooked.

Then put both back in their pans and pour one sauce in each.

You will then combine the meat/sauce to the noodles/sauce and mix well.

This has such a fresh and homemade taste that your family will love! 

You will love how good this is and I promise your family will go back for seconds.

Best of all, the left overs are just as good the next day!

Watch this video to see the step by step details on how to make!

Hope you enjoyed todays post!



Friday Tip Day- Washi Tape Ideas

Welcome to my Blog, 

Here is a fun idea I want to share with you on this Friday Tip Day so you can work on this project over the weekend!

I have an idea to share with you that I know you will love. We have been running into an issue with not knowing which charger cord belongs to which person and someones cords always goes missing. Here is an idea to help you solve this problem. 

Start off my visiting hobby Lobby and purchasing Washi Tape that would work for both male and female owners. I went with black, brown, and gold theme as you can see below. 

Since this tape is so thin you can wrap your headphones up and never wonder which pair belong to you. I went with the brown and cream scalloped theme on all my pieces. 

One more reason why I love this idea is I travel on business and attend a lot of meetings. Someone always needs to borrow a changer an I am happy to help. With marking your base and cord you will always know which charger is yours. 

I love the way this turned out because I can use it or my husband would even be comfortable using it. Again, I tried to go with patterns that worked for both of us. No flowers or cute pink polka dots for him!

It only cost me about $2.00 once I used my coupon from Hobby Lobby to solve this issue. Pick all of your favorite colors and just have fun with this project.

Take a look here at the how to video which I am sure you will enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog post! 



4th of July Dining Room Tour

Welcome to my Blog

Happy 4th of JulY

I have been busy decorating for July 4th. I love this time of year because all the great recipes can be used for grilling and homemade cobblers! Here is a look into my dining room as I get everything ready for the celebrations.

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I picked up my dishes from Target over 14 years ago. I only use them for Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the 4th of July. I love this set!

You can pick up these disposable dishes from Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Use your online coupons and save. These are perfect to take outside by the pool for hot dogs and hamburgers. Then you can just toss them and throw them away. No worries about anything breaking while sitting by the pool. 

Ice Cream Bar

This is one of my new favorite pieces of my set up. Its my Ice Cream Bar. I picked up the little red, white, and blue frames from Michaels just this week for $1.50 each. I plan to put a label in each one to put the name of the toppings in each. We will have blueberries, strawberries, and 4th of July themed sprinkles in each. 

I picked up these bowls from the $1.00 section of Target. They are perfect to put ice cream in. The white and blue container are for each of the ice creams so everyone can pick their choice. The buckets were $3.00 a piece. I picked up all of these this year.

The Nutcracker and center decorations are both from Pier 1. I picked them up this year.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of this years decorations. Be sure to Subscribe to my Youtube channel and click the follow blog on the right of my channel to keep up with my 4th of July Series as I bring lots of new holiday tutorials and recipes your way~

Take a look below at a video tour of my table. I know you will enjoy!

Happy 4th of JulY

Hope you enjoyed today’s post,


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