Weekly Fitness Update April 26th

Here is a look into the start of my week with staying in line with a healthy lifestyle. Hope you had a great week!

Saturday, April 26th
Lunch- Gumbo cookout contest
Dinner- Out to dinner because we spent the day out and about . I ate 1/2 a hamburger meal with Trey instead of ordering a big meal just for myself.
Workout- I did make my 10,000 steps for the day but not an official workout. We did walk around the Island and shop all day!

The weather was perfect!

Each bowl was a small size which was perfect and allowed you to go to multiple vendors and try their gumbo. You had three different locations to visit by trolley or you could drive your car. At each stop you would vote for one winner.

Perfect day to walk around the Island.

This was our winning choice. It had shrimp and crab meat....yum!

Sunday, April 27th
Lunch- Spicy Shrimp Sushi
Dinner- I like to try a new recipe every now and then on the weekend so I will have something new on hand for the holiday seasons. Today I tried an Apple Sausage Brie Stromboli which I will post  the recipe for later this week. Here is a look below.  
Workout- gym for weights. I worked on legs and back.

I love Sunday and having the opportunity to attend an amazing church service. Here is a picture of us just before service started along with my test recipe.

Fresh out of the oven before I even placed it on a serving platter. The cheese was just running out! This is perfect for a holiday brunch. Now I know this is not on a healthy meal plan but I have not baked in a while and I really needed to do some test cooking.

Monday, April 28th
Lunch - Flat bread healthy pizza from home
Dinner- Homemade taco pie with lean meat
Workout- Weights with legs. I was on my way to the park to run and the storm came in so I went to the gym for weights.

Twisting storm approaching your home would be a very scary text to receive at 2:00am!

Tuesday, April 29th
Lunch- work function but I went light with salad and grilled chicken.

Dinner- homemade taco pie.
Workout- nope :) No workout because of schools and work closing early with the storms! I plan to have a big workout day tomorrow to make up for it as long as the weather is not like last night and we only get 3 1/2 hours of sleep! We had to hide in the hall bathroom several times from 1:30am-5:00am and then get up for school at 6:30!

Question of the week I was asked, Do I step on the scale everyday? The answer is yes, every morning. I think it is so important for me to keep a very tight handle on knowing where the scale is. If I don't look I don't stay focused and its just that simple. With the kind of lifestyle I have with a my work schedule that is never ending and events that I attend there is always food of some kind.


Weekly Fitness Recap April 22 & Weight Loss

Hope your fitness and meal plan has been good the past couple of days! Good news, I have a 4 pound loss!!!! Here is a look into mine....

Tuesday, April 22
Lunch- Steak Soft Taco and chips/salsa
Dinner- Fish and corn from home
Workout- off but did took a vacation day to hang out with Trey and Eddie. We stayed pretty active, take a look!

I love this picture of us on the railroad tracks!

I love a picture on the rail road tracks. It seems symbolic and reminds me of my faith. As long as my faith is with my Lord, He has the tracks of my future laid out for me and We are going places! 

Walk back to our car I snapped this picture. He is one of the sweet people you would ever want to meet.

Wednesday, April 23
Breakfast- I am mixing it up with one morning having peanut butter toast and fruit instead of greek yogurt.
Lunch- Tilapia fish and a cupcake with my staff since its Administrative Assistant Day. Calories don't count for that right!
Dinner- Baked Salmon with Hoison Honey Sauce and a sweet potato from home.
Workout- 3 mile run

Thursday, April 24th

Lunch- salmon and sweet potato from home
Dinner- Whataburger kids meal.....sorry I was super busy and didn't plan well.
Workout- off

Friday, April 25th
Lunch- Pizza. No there is a good reason. I am part of Big Brother Big Sister program where you are matched with a little in need and the field trip for our adopted school was this day. Of course I had to have a piece of pizza with the kids. Sometimes its just not right to pull out a salad!
Dinner- Broccoli Steak from home.
Workout- Not a "real one" but I did go on a field trip with the Big Brother Big Sister program I am part of. This is where you agree to mentor a child and visit them once a week while they are in school to be a mentor to them. I help lead this for my company. Today was full of walking the farm.

This was my partner for the day, just one of the sweetest young ladies!

We had such a blast learning about the farm animals and showing our "Little's" the fun side to farm life.

I have had some great questions emailed to me and one of them was for me to give an example of my meal plan for the day.

So what does my daily meal plan look like or at least what I try to stick to.

6:00am  Coffee with French vanilla creamer and two splenda packets.

6:30 Greek yogurt or 1 piece of toast with peanut butter and fresh fruit

9:30 I will have what I didn't have for breakfast which would be greek yogurt or toast and fruit item.

12:30   4 oz. Lean protein and small amount of carb like rice or sweet potato.

3:00 p.m.  Protein shake

6:00 p.m.  Lean protein  and 1 cup veggies or small amount of carbs.

8:30 p.m.  Greek yogurt which I tell myself is ice cream.

This is my plan which I try very hard to work with everyday. Having your items on hand makes it so much easier. I hope this helps!


Weekly Workout April 17th

Hope you had an awesome week with your fitness! Here is a look into mine.

Thursday, April 17th
Lunch- Office BBQ but only went with grilled chicken....and a very small amount of dessert.
Dinner- Grilled steak and 1/4 cup mashed potato's from home
workout- off

Friday, April 18th
Lunch- Healthy chicken egg rolls from home
Dinner- Dallas came home so we brought in pizza and wings. Complete cheat night! Complete cheat!
Workout- off

Saturday, April 19th
Lunch- grilled cheese sandwich with just a few chip. Fun Saturday at home lunch.
Dinner- small kids meal burger with fries since Dallas was home. I went with the kids meal which was good!
Workout- 1 mile run

Sunday, April 20th
Lunch- Zea's pesto crusted trout divided in half with grits. I boxed up half for dinner.
Dinner- left over from lunch where I split the meal to cut back portion size
Workout- 1 mile very slow run because I slammed my toe in a wall playing around with Trey. Its black and blue and hurts! I have always heard there is nothing you can do for a broken toe anyway but tape it. I must say this hurt more than anything and I fell to my knees as soon as my toe slammed into the wall. You could hear it crack! Still had a wonderful Easter.

Monday, April 21st
Lunch- grilled cheese from home
Dinner- grilled pork chops with BBQ sauce and corn from home
Workout- 3 mile run with Trey. I taped up my toe and pushed through.

This is an example after a hot run! Its starting to warm up fast.

This is my motivation, keeping up with a 12 year old boy!

I leave you with this weeks thoughts on items to take in for your protein and carbohydrates.
Here are some examples of lean protein and carbs that I have in my plan:

  • Tuna or most any fish. I do not eat tuna but if you do its an great item to keep on list.
  • Whey protein is what I use in all my protein shakes
  • Cottage cheese. I do not eat by itself but I use in waffles and protein shakes.
  • Eggs- especially the whites and its perfect to boil and eat as snack.
  • Chicken breast. I keep these on hand all the time.
  • Turkey breast. My husbands trainer told him about this and you can get it cut fresh in deli.
  • Lean beef. I love have taco meat several different ways from salad to wraps.
  • Low fat cheese. Again I only use this as a filler but you could eat on its own.
  • Low fat pork like a tenderloin or pork chops (never fried only grilled)
  • Sweet potatoes. We eat these in several different ways, mashed to cubes.
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Oat meal is great source with protein powder added.
  • Rice in small amount. Brown rice is better but I only like white rice.
  • Wheat bread sugar free style
  • Beans. I usually go with refried and black beans.
  • Low fat popcorn for snacking

Most important is lots and lots of water!!!!



William Sonoma White Bean Chili Starter Review

I purchased a bottle of William Sonoma White Bean Chili Starter and my husband really enjoyed it.
It was very easy to make because everything is ready. If you are like me and have a very busy schedule with work, family, church, kids, activities, workouts, running, resting somewhere in there, laundry, on and on.......then you are looking for easy ways to put dinner on the table!

The best way to describe it is from their website,
A savory spin on a southwestern classic, white chili is a family-friendly dish made with hearty white beans and tender chicken or turkey. Our handcrafted starter makes it simple to prepare a satisfying pot of white chili with a gently spicy flavor.

  • Combines sautéed onions and garlic with vine-ripened tomatoes and Anaheim, poblano and jalapeño peppers; Great Northern beans and chicken stock deepen and mellow the flavors.
  • Easy to use: simply combine the sauce with browned chicken or turkey, then simmer.
  • 2 lb. (makes 6 servings).


IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Celebration Foundation

I recently purchased this from QVC this past week and I want to share my thoughts. The product with the brush was priced at $43.50 and claims to be a powder full coverage foundation. Lets start with my review of the brush.

The brush was great and I would give it 5 stars! It was so soft and well made. I am really looking forward to seeing what other brushes the product line carries.

As for my review of the product I plan to keep this as a winter foundation. I found that it really does apply like a powder and to get the full coverage look I had to apply with a heavy hand and it left me feeling like I had makeup on. I cant blame the product for that because I have never really needed a full coverage makeup, I like a light foundation just to create a natural look. I also do not think this would be a good product for the summer months because it gets very hot where I live. I just don't want to feel my makeup on my face and I am sure that will not happen in cooler months.

I am looking forward to trying more products in the future. If powder foundation is something you think you would like to try then I would go with this one.


Weekly Fitness Update- April 12th

I hope you have had a great week with your fitness and here is a peak into my week!

Saturday, April 12th
Lunch- 1/2 turkey sandwich and smoothie
Dinner- 1 steak soft taco
Fitness- 1 mile run

I had to share these fun pants that I just love. They are so comfortable and you can not go any where without someone telling you how much they love them. You can see the layers of ruffles which make them so cute! Might not be for everyone but I love them. They are perfect for a Saturday afternoon of shopping.

Sunday, April 13th
Lunch- Grilled chicken and loaded small potato from home
Dinner- chicken Quesada
Workout- off

I must say Sunday has to be my favorite day of the week. I love Sunday morning church service, lunch, and then having the house clean and ready to start a new week! Its a chance to plan out a fresh week with your meal plan and workout schedule.

Monday, April 14th
Lunch- Seafood salad from home
Dinner- Grilled steak and vegetables from home
Workout- off

Tuesday, April 15th
Lunch- protein smoothie- made at work because I was on the go and didn't want to get fast food!!!
Dinner- Clean version of lasagna and side of corn from home
Workout- weights with legs at the gym.

Wednesday, April 16th
Lunch- seafood salad from home
Dinner- sausage on hot dog rolls from home
Workout- 3 mile run

Pleased with my goal this week of cutting out snacking. The important key is to have fresh and healthy snacks on hand so they are easy to grab instead of going for the junk items. This next week my goal is to add more weights into my schedule. The body burns more fat when it has more muscle. I love the look of defined muscles.

Hope you have an awesome and healthy week!


New Car and Dinner Out Weekend!

This weekend was a very exciting time. We purchased a new SUV that I have had my eye on for sometime. I love how far technology has come and all the things this SUV will do.

It has the navigation system which was one of the most important items I wanted. I added the MBrace call feature which is like OnStar. The extra benefit, its a concierge service where you call for anything you need. Example, I called for directions to a shopping outlet. The real person knew my location and found the shopping outlet I wanted. She asked if I wanted her to drop the directions in my system or give me live turn by turn directions. I asked her to send them to the system. She then asked if we needed dinner reservations at any restaurants near that location. Its the little things I notice and love!

The best part was after she sent the directions the system tells you if you are about to run into traffic and what speed the traffic is moving. Example, it told us there was heavy traffic ahead at the tunnel we were approaching and the average speed was 10 mph. It gave us updates as we moved closer. This allowed us to possible take an alterative route if needed. I love things like that!

It also has a feature where you can load the system on your cell phone with an app and if you are at a store and forgot where you parked the app will show you where your car is! Awesome features and benefits. Of course Trey loves the heated seats and Eddie loves his satellite radio.

Here is a look at the ML350 Mercedes Benz which I would highly recommend.

I have to say I just love it! I am ready to jump in and just drive everywhere. We did have a Jeep Wrangler which was fun but the fun quickly ran out. A jeep with a soft top is very HOT in the summer and very COLD in the winter. Its loud and you can never hear the radio, and just taking care of a soft top jeep is a lot. We enjoyed it while we had it for a time but we are very happy with our new car.

I love all the fun goodies they gave us!

Then we were off to our Friday night dinner out. We tried a new restaurant, Lucy B Goode. It was a fun atmosphere and we enjoyed it. Here are few pictures into our night.

Prices were a medium range but you do get small portions.

Trey and I shared a dish. He picked up the shrimp pasta which was very good. This gives you an idea of the portion. End the end its not something you would share but we split our plates so it was fine.

I had the fried shrimp with hushpuppies. I love sharing a dish when you just cant pick one. If you pick this the slaw its very bland and I would not consider it a side item. I was still more than full without it.

The  Gumbo was good and filled with crawfish, shrimp, crab meat, but did have a little to much okra. Its a dark base which I really like more of a lit base but still good.  

I love the setting with fresh flowers and the blue water glasses.

Awesome atmosphere that has an indoor and outdoor feel since they slide open the doors like garage doors. All of the food is caught local and fresh.

The windows were garage doors that open up for fresh air. Gave the restaurant such a fun feeling but it was still cool with the AC. I never like to feel like I am eating outside and we didn't! 

I always love dinner with my love!

Wishing you and your family a fun weekend!

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