We Are Back From Atlanta Where We Attended AmericasMart

All I can say is we had an amazing time attending this years AmericasMart. We stayed in Atlanta this past Thursday- Sunday and shopped around the clock.

14 floors of shopping that seemed like it would never end. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, clothing, and so much more!!

They even had food vendors on the first floor so you could eat lunch and not have to leave.

They have signs posted in several locations where they ask you not to take any photos while inside so my pictures are limited. The first building with fashion and jewelry had 14 floors to shop. It was amazing. The home d├ęcor building had over 20 floors and there was also a 3rd building with several floors.

We also went into the Culinary building where you had the chance to taste every product vendors had to offer. It was the size of two football fields with food samples everywhere.

During the first day we had lunch at the most delicious seafood restaurant. The crab soup was out of this world and like nothing I have tasted before. It was the perfect way to start a day of shopping.

Then we were off for our first day of shopping! Vickie brought their rolling carts for us to use and they were great and made shopping so easy.

We found the best goodies everywhere we shopped. I am sure I will have to do a separate post on some of the items but here is just an idea of a few items.

I love these 6 bracelets and plan to wear them stacked in several different combo ways.

I was so excited to find this company that sells the dress and beach cover up. I purchased a couple of colors in the dress and the beach wrap and can not wait for them to arrive. The girls were wearing them while working and they are so cute on. I also purchased the coral shirt which is in the top photo. You can wear it as a beach cover up or with white pants and it looks amazing.

My ring was my favorite find and has my birth stone in the center. I love it.

Then we were off to the mall to do more shopping. We found some great deals but its hard going to purchase retail after spending days shopping direct from market. A few photos of our shopping trip.

Our first time on the Marta Subway ride. If we had taken a car it would have easily taken an hour to get through the traffic but we made it to the mall in about 15 minutes. I wish we had this in my city.

We stopped in at C Wonder which is Tory Burch's ex-husband store. We found some great finds and his style is very much like Tory's.

We had to yummy food every where we went from sun up to sun down. I am back and sticking with salad and grilled chicken to make up for all the great food I ate.

Someone on our trip purchased a new Louis Vuitton......................sadly it wasn't me. I will keep my wish list going for the future!

I love the story behind this photo above. I just loved this outfit this complete stranger had on while we were shopping. I told Dallas I had to snap a photo of it while she wasn't looking so I could find something just like it. I thought Dallas was going to die watching me be silly with taking pictures.

On our way home we stopped for BBQ and would you look at that Mac and Cheese and the size of that potato!!!

I will be sure to snap photos during the week to share the great jewelry finds because they are really great!

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