Wrap Up From Recent Trip With April Snow

I wanted to share a couple of photos as I wrap up my trip last week to Minneapolis. The snow was just amazing. I stayed at such a great hotel and the level of service was wonderful. Look at this, if you forgot your workout clothes and shoes you can have a set sent to you for a charge o $5.00.

I love all the special extras that a hotel offers to make your stay so special.

The snow was so beautiful.........here are a few photos.

This was my favorite!

I was in such shock of snow in late April that I sent my family a photo back to show I was wearing my boots in Spring!

I was excited to have a window seat on the way home because it is amazing to see the sun set while in the sky. Really makes you know how good God is!

Window seats make the flight so much easier! Glad to be home and had a wonderful time!

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