Thursday Was A Big Day for Us!

The Big day is here............its Thursday and its graduation day!!! We started the morning off with sending Trey to school for his last day in lower school. Next year we will be off to middle school. I was taking in every minute.

Last car ride to elementary school.

Headed to class on the final day.

Dallas and I picked out our sun hats for our cruise that is right around the corner! We are so excited!

Dallas had a day at the salon getting ready for graduation night!

It turned out so pretty!

All of the girls wore the same white dress. Its the tradition because years ago the all girls school merged with the boys military school. The boys wear caps and gowns and the girls are in white dresses.

Excited about one of the gifts she received on the way to graduation. Lilly Pulitzer purse with seashells. Perfect for our cruise!

One of my favorite photos!!

A few photos before graduation with friends.

Cant wait to share graduation photos with you! Everyone looked amazing!!! Such a special night and what a blessing for this day to come!

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