Mothers Day 2013 in New Orleans

I love the idea of just waking up and deciding to take a road trip out of the blue. This is just what we did on Mothers Day, we decided to take a trip to New Orleans. We ate at Café Du Monde. Here are a few photos from our day.

Time to eat!

I love this photo......there is nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate!

Then we had to try out the hats! I really wanted one and the funny story is when Dallas asked the waiter for one he said they were .15 cents...............so we got our .15 cents worth and passed it around for everyone to take a photo! :)

The food was so yummy!

I am teaching Trey how to take the perfect bite without getting powder sugar everywhere.....all in a days duties for a mom!


Then we were off to shop....I popped into Lululemon and purchased my first shirt. I was able to wear it running last night and I love it. Mine is black but the style is like the photo below.

Then we were off to Saks were Dallas and I picked up a pair of Tory Burch shoes. Special day for Dallas because it was her first pair of Tory's!!

These are the Tory flip flops I picked up to go with several summer outfits.

I loved this purse and it is definitely on my wish list!!!!

JCrew had these bracelets that I love and will have to order online!

Love this Tory bag!

So did Dallas!!

We had a great time! Hope everyone had a Happy Mothers Day. I know I did because there is nothing that brings me greater joy than my family!!

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