Annie Sloan Desk Makeover- My New Painting Project

I am giving a set of my furniture in my daughters room a complete makeover with the Annie Sloan paint. The furniture is in perfect condition and it just didn't make since to go out and purchase $2,000 worth of new furniture to achieve a new look. I found this desk recently and its going to work perfect with what is currently in her room. I will share the finished room in the near future once everything is complete but for now here is the desk!

This is a photo from the day I found it. It was in perfect condition and I knew it would work out as  great addition to her room. I paid more for it than I wanted but that's ok, negating is a technical you have to perfect!

The before photo as I was getting ready to start the makeover. Perfect set up in my kitchen so I could watch TV and paint on a Friday night. Not a wild lifestyle but I love it!

I used her black which is Graphitie, it really is more of a gray.

I love this paint. No need for sanding or priming! Just wipe down and paint.

This paint is great because you can paint inside because of low odor.

Once it is completely dry you will put the wax on. Annie Sloan has a brush that is designed to apply the perfect coat of wax. A little bit of wax goes a long way. Do not over wax!

I used one big tablespoon full and that's all this piece required. You really do not want a heavy hand when applying the wax. Then take an old clean cloth and wipe the wax off. Make sure it is completely dry before applying the wax.

The handles on this were suppose to be gold. When I purchased the spray paint there was a gold cap on it but I didn't check the bottle. I started spraying and to my surprise was silver paint coming out of the can. At first I was not a happy painter but once I held it up to the painted desk I loved it!

This weekend I will be working on the dressers!

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