A Look Into Our Week

Its May and we have a lot going on with our schedule! Here is a look. Its such a exciting time with graduation and summer break from school.

Its been fun with graduation parties and events.

K-5 Graduation. Where did the time go!

Dallas was presented with her scholarship.

Office surprise party!

Trey and Eddie have also been busy with their new Airsoft group they have joined. Even gets a hobby and they are having a blast.

Trey and I had a fun movie and dinner night!

Had to share this one because it was the last day you could add the jacket before the temps jumped to 90s!!!

Bang Bang Shrimp! Need I say more!
I am so proud of Dallas. She is going to college for a degree in Political Science and loves Politics. All on her own she is volunteering for one of the candidates running for mayor. She is in support of this person because she believes in the direction they are trying to take our city. How many young girls could you say this about.

My view for this summer twice a week will be the tennis court. Trey has started lessons this week and I am so excited for him. I think he is really going to do a great job!

Its been fun watching Dallas and Trey really take in everyday since she will be off to college in the next few weeks. I just love this picture they took!
Finally, we are so excited. Right after graduation, Dallas and I are going on a 7 day cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. I cant wait!!!
This will be our view!!!

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