Shopping at the Mall of America

While on my recent trip I had to the chance to visit the Mall of America. As soon as I arrived to the city I checked into my hotel, jumped on the light rail, and knew the few stores I would have time to visit.

I was so proud of myself for navigating through this big city and even taking the light rail. Little scary being the only one for most of the ride. On the way back I actually sat next to someone from my city. Small world!

The very first stop was going to be Neiman Marcus to look for Tory Burch goodies. I could not believe my eyes with everything I saw. I wanted one of these, one of those, one of that!!! Some of my favorite photos.

To start I found the Tory Burch section...........

I purchased a new pair of Tory Burch shoes and I love them. They are so comfortable.

I also found some other items in Neiman Marcus that I loved.

By the way, the white pair above were $595.00....wow!
My next couple of stores were going to be Lululemon, Henri Bendel, Lush,

I love these bracelets and its so hard just to pick two!

Burberry store.
 Michael Kors...........I could take a new watch in silver, white, mother of pearl....and on and on.

Then a quick run into Lululemon. I was excited to see this store in person.

The mall was huge and I could have spent hours and hours looking at everything. Just a few more photos inside....

Just an amazing location! I left a very happy girl with my new purchase!


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