Running Groups and Getting Back To It

I am back to running after a nice long break. Last year I ran 3 half marathons, a hand full of 5K races, and a marathon relay race so I was a little tired! I know there are people that did way more than me but I promise the year before I didnt even run to the mail box so this was huge for me. I am by no means a speed racer but all the training that went with it really took it out of me.

This time I am going to run and go back to enjoying it. I reached a point last year that I became a little to competitive with myself. It might sound silly but I pushed so hard I didn't take time to enjoy the view! I am going to find runs and enjoy them with my family.

One of my favorite ways to run is to join groups that are invovled with local restaurants. We are running one every other Tuesday that is part of Mellow Milers, a pizza restaurant. Then the other Wednesday we will run the Buffalo Wild Wings run. Here are a few photos from Tuesday's Mellow Milers.

The group officially starts at 6:00pm and runs through the streets of our downtown area.

I only run these in the Spring/Summer months before the time change. You need every bit of the day light to safe.

Its a good workout keeping up with Trey. We don't let him run ahead of us because every block has a stop sign with traffic!

Here we are after 3.1 miles of running. He is such an awesome running buddy!!!

Talk about motivation.........................once you get back to the finish line its time for pizza!!!

Do you have weekly runs like this? If so I would highly recommend checking them out!

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Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

I started a weekly running group from a neighborhood taphouse. It is so much fun. I have around 40-50 runners each week.

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