New Running Club and Running for Boston

Last night we joined our second running club and what a night to join. The group was running to raise money for Boston. It was great to be part of such a wonderful cause! The news media was there which I thought was great to keep this story alive and have people doing and giving!

Even for a run starting at 6:00pm it was a little warm, I might need to rethink my black outfits! As you can see the sun was so bright!

I am so proud of Eddie getting out there with me and running! It is so much fun making this a family event!

I loved seeing the American Flag being carried during the run. Just brings tears to my eyes!

Everyone getting ready to take off. Good motivation knowing you will get Buffalo wings when you return!

We did and I am so proud of my Trey! He rocks!!

These great ribbons were sold to help raise money!

Its great to do something love but to do it for the purpose of helping a great cause!!!

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Amanda said...

I love the little pins that they had made for you. And I think I would have cried the whole run if I was following the American flag. Did you see the video of the Bruins fans singing the national anthem? I sobbed watching that.

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