Ideas For Staying Busy During Spring Break

My son is on Spring Break this week and this year we don't have a family vacation planned but my goal is to keep my son busy around our city. I hope this gives you ideas on how to keep your kids busy without leaving town or going over budget.

Always keep your eyes out on deals and hold on to the coupons. Groupon offers deals, your local newspaper, and online are just a couple of ideas. Now I know this isn't one that everyone could get but with my husband being a police officer the City offered all city employees a free one year membership to the local museum and art museum.

Here are a few photos from our local city museum. Now to make this different and fun for an 11 year old I gave him things to do and goals to reach. A couple of examples, he had to find a few of his favorite items to take a picture in front of.

Then he had to find a couple of items that really represented our city. He was the one that was suppose to take pictures so that made it exciting.

This is a Mardi Gras gown from 1926!
Then we went to the local art museum and all the same rules applied. Here are just a few photos from our visit. He also had to do a little reading and find the pieces of art with the best story or history behind it.

This one caught both of our attention.

I love the story behind this one. Trey has been taking violin lessons for the past several months so he loved the violin player in the piece.
The next day we found a local piece of history and I was shocked to hear it was free. So again same game rules with finding things to take a photo of. Always look into local places in your city because you never know what great deal is hiding and waiting on you.
Our downtown city!

Then it was time to find the funniest! What's funnier than jail with a dad that's a lieutenant!!

The benefits of being thin.............you can get through anything!!!

 That was fun as long as the door stayed open!!
Now for me to share a few of my favorite photos....................I am sure you have seen from past post that I am very interested in giving furniture a new life. These pieces are beautiful~ Trey would ask me at each one what color I would paint it. I had to explain something built in the 1700's would never be touch or painted! Look how amazing.

I didn't take any photos but we also went to the movies twice during the week. No popcorn or candy and we made sure we went to the early showing for a greater discount.
We did go out to dinner but again found ways of saving by eating at a smaller chain restaurant like Chili's and we had a free dessert coupon that we shared!
Then to end our night it was time to curl up and watch our favorite movies!! My favorite part was having him tell me what an amazing day he had!!!
My daughter was able to come back from the beach early so we also went to a movie for some girl time!!
I hope this helps give you ideas on how to help your kids feel like they are on a vacation without the price tag of one!!!



You are such a good mom! I bet your son enjoyed all of that time with you! Stacie xo

Sarah Kopf said...

This is very cool! I think it's so fun to take our kids to local museums and shops they would never otherwise visit. It opens their minds! :) One of my greatest stops with kiddo was the nature center here. HE LOVED IT!


Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

Great ideas for spring break. You and your family always have so much fun. You have lucky kids!

Zaneta said...

New follower here! :)
Wow... your city looks awesome fun!! Looks like your son had fun too!! Enjoy the rest of spring break! :)

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