Guest Room Desk Makeover

I am so excited to share the start of my guest room makeover. I am in need of a little bit of art work, a chair for my new desk, and a large area rug. These are things that will come with time as I find the perfect pieces but I just haven't found them yet. I do have a lot of ideas from Pinterest so we will see.

Here are a couple of before photos...........

To start, I took my son's dark wood bed and painted it white for the guest room. He really wanted to move up to a larger bed so it worked out perfectly. Here is one photo during my painting process. You can see the dark color I was working with.

The bed is in place, the new light has been hung, and now for the painting.

Before photo but bed has been painted.

One story to share.........I without a doubt had angels guarding me while painting because without thinking I stood on my ladder trying to paint over my open window. I lost my balance and almost went out the 2nd story. I was able to catch myself and after Dallas and I realized how blessed I was we could only laugh and wonder what was I thinking! Be careful because accidents can happen!

OK back to my post! Painting in the works.

I am so proud of my desk. I shared a before and after post last week so I hope you had a chance to see the desk before the makeover. This is my first piece to give a makeover on and I cant wait to do more! This desk is a 1940's very heavy solid desk. The first day we tried to get it up the stairs to go in our guest room on the 2nd floor but after taking on 3 steps we had to go back down because it was so heavy.

This was its home for 2 days. Then Eddie found his moving straps and with a lot of muscles we took it up all 16 steps!!! Here it is..................................................

I can not tell you how proud I am of this project!! I know have  3 half marathons under my belt and a made over desk!

I love the special features like the pull out drawers for extra room to sit my IPad and paperwork.

I went with stainless steel handles which I love.

This is a Pottery Barn charging station that was red and I painted it white. I remember taking this from another room and while painting it my husband was wondering how many more items in our home would be painted white. Luckily this was the last item!

Desk top is nice and clean. Ready for work and blogging! Maybe one day there will also be some work done with selling some of my furniture pieces! This will allow me to keep painting because I have no room in my personal home and I just love painting! On a side note in about 2 weeks I will be taking my first real Annie Sloan Painting class which I will share more on!

The two mirrors on the wall are from a local thrift shop. They were actually gold and I gave them a new makeover. I paid 4.00 each for mine instead of 26.00 from Pottery Barn!

The art on the wall is something I painted!

I am very pleased with how the bed turned out. I am not sure on the white bedding and keeping my eye on a few options.

As you can see I am still in need of something to go over the bed. I have a few things in mind but just have not found the perfect item.

Another idea that I recently found on Pinterest was a bulletin board. I wish I could find the source to share but here is the photo.

I am also on the look for a chair and we went to Pier One today but I didn't find the right one. Here are a few things I did like.

This might end up being the chair I go with but I don't love it. I want to love the chair I put in the room.

I am thinking about putting a chair like this in the corner to watch TV or for any guest to have an extra chair.

I love this art work for over the bed but I do not want to pay $199.00 for it.

Pretty mirror but not what I am looking for.

This lamp is amazing!!! Its a pretty large lamp but wow would it look amazing on my desk!!!

Thank you for taking a look at my new guest room. I will have to update you once I find the perfect artwork, chair, and rug!


Courtney said...

wow it looks great!!

emenchho said...

Great makeover! If you lived closer, I would ask for your help when the future hubs and I move into our first place together. I always get inspiration from posts like this and then fail to make it happen or feel it doesn't look like I had imagined. ha

Beth Dunn said...

Love it. the colors are amazing

Crystal {MissCrystalMakeup} said...

It looks great! Awesome job! :)
xo Crystal

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

You did a great job. It inspires me to tackle some projects I have around here!


You are so talented! I'm kinda jealous! Come to Dallas and I will hire you! LOL! Stacie xo

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