Saturday Estate Sale Shopping for Furniture To Paint

I have had so much fun painting my new desk that I could not wait to find something new. I went out again this weekend to look at estate sales and found a few items but left with one. I am learning a lot about yard sales and estate sales.

I noticed with this one the sign seemed strong, example:"No early birds at all." That shows me these people are not likely to want to give you a bargain. I was right because when I did go I found everything to be pretty expensive.

The picture doesn't really give the true size but this was a pretty large mirror. I felt if I painted it white it would be so pretty but I didn't want to pay $30. Whats your thoughts, good or to high? I really am learning so any thought are greatly appreciated!

Then there was this cabinet which I love!!! I have no where in the world to put it in my home but it would look amazing painted. I would have loved to have given this a new look so here is my next question, do any of you do this as a hobby and sell your items? If so, how and where do you sell them? They were asking $150 for this, which I also thought was to high. What do you think?

My big purchase of the day...............

I really wanted this desk but did not want to pay the price listed. I felt since I was there so early there was no way they would reduce the price so I left. I went back several hours later and it was still there so I started the negotiations! I paid a little more than I wanted but no where near the price they wanted.

Here is my inspiration and what I plan to do. I can not remember where I found this so I cant give the source but I love it!

I cant wait to have this set up and ready to use. I will be sure to share!! Also thank you to anyone that can help answer my two questions.
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