What To Not Do While Eating Out To Help Stick With Weight Watchers

I can stick with a plan all week and when Friday comes we go out to dinner and I just blow everything! Here are a few things that I know will help!

1. You do not have to clean your plate!
I have always had the mindset to not waste. "Waste not, want not!" Now I have found ways around that mindset. When I order something out I always ask for a to-go box when my food is brought to the table and I pack up half right there. I look at what I ordered and think about anything that does not save well and that's what I make sure I eat in the resturant.

2. Don't stuff yourself!
Eddie and I used to eat until we were stuffed but now we eat until we are satisfied. There is something so rewarding about pushing your plate away when you have just had enough.

3. Eat Slow!
I try to never eat standing up and  I do not rush through a meal. It takes 20 minutes for your body to recognize that its full. Slow down!

I hope these tips help!!

I am right in the middle of my 30 day fitness challenge which ends
March 15th!!
Entering into this week I have the following classes left:

4 step classes
3 body combat classes
3 body pump classes
2 spin classes
3 body attack
2 cynergy
3 my choice

Now that I see it I really need to get busy. I plan to take 2 a day this week to really knock some out! Wish me luck!


Sunkissed and Southern said...

great tips! i need the motivation right now so thank you!

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

Those are great tips! I usually cheat on the weekends a little, but during the week I am good. I figure I can cheat on the weekends when I have long run. :-)

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