Weight Watchers Tips for Those on Night Shift

As many of you know my husband is a police Lieutenant and with that comes the terrible night shift!  If ever there is a time it is hard to follow a meal plan its for those people that one month they work 7am-7pm and the next month they work 7pm-7am. Their off days are always changing and honestly their mind doesn't know if they are coming or going!

Here are a few tips if you schedule looks like this:

  • Get your work outs in. Don't let your body shut down because your on midnight shift. You still have to take our your calendar on Sunday and plan you week. Make that appointment with yourself and keep it. You wouldn't make an appointment with the dentist and just not show up because you are on the night shift, right?

  • Watch your caffeine. Try to drink coffee early in your shift and not to close to the end of your work day. Its hard because 7am might be your time to get off and at 5:30 am you think about getting a cup of coffee to get you to 7am but would you drink a cup of coffee 2 1/2 hours before you go to bed when you are on day shift. You need all the sleep you can get and to much caffeine can mess that up.
  • Don't fall into the snacking way of life. It is so easy to start snacking when you are sleepy but to stay away from this keep fruits and vegetables on hand. Power foods have zero points and that's what you should snack on.

  • You really have to plan your meals. Keep boneless chicken breast on hand because you can make so many different fast and healthy meals.
I hope these tips are helpful and just be encouraged that no matter your schedule you can be healthy!!


sarahsmithstorm said...

I need these tips.. I struggle with weight..

Jaime Sears said...

I'm so glad someone pinned this on pinterest and I came across it! I work as a dispatcher so it's so easy on late shifts to take a nap or relax on lunch if something bad happened earlier. I love love love your suggestion to schedule workouts like appointments! Thank you!!!!

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